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  1. Not really - you can just fill out the form, add a contact info in the comment field and there is a chance if you get one They are friendly bunch of people, no harm to ask
  2. yeah, that's an overkill I just put 1.3Ah Li-Poly cell in the box and I'm done with it. I drilled a hole in the box and added JST connector for recharging. For more advanced discharge control, you can just use onboard battery status chip (which is already in uCurrent) and connect it to a MOSFET, thus if battery status is not good it will cut off the power. With this li-po cell you will have up to 8 days to notice that you left it on As for skewing the results - it will skew them some, definitely. But how much I can check when I'll get back to my lab (IIRC input impedance for ADC is abou
  3. Must....resist.... And I failed... Franuchpad on it's way
  4. hydrochloric acid - just google nearby supplier (sometimes it's called muriatic acid), hydrogen peroxide - any chemist nearby should have it. Just thermotransfer stencil image on the cleaned aluminium from the can (don't use sanding paper, just acetone + plastic scrubber), secure the area with tape, mix acid with hydrogen peroxide about 1:3,1:4. Etch for few minutes keeping eye on the process. When you see it's etched enough, rinse in the cold water. As I said - the whole process of etching takes maybe 10-15 minutes
  5. Sorry for OT, but you can always make simple stencil from soda can, using the same method as etching PCBs, but with hydrochloric acid and hydrogen peroxide. Takes 15 minutes (excluding scrubbing the internal layer of the can), Costs almost nothing and you have extra Coke to drink
  6. There is a typo in the press release - not "3.7V 12mAH LiPo battery" but "3.7V 1200mAh LiPo cell". For crying out loud! Battery is a set of cells, this is a single cell. And since when cell capacity is measured in mili Amp Henrys? Not mentioning eating two zeros in the capacity... and "change state" instead of "charge state".
  7. BeagleBone for half price ($44.50) from TI: https://estore.ti.com/BeagleBN-BeagleBone-Development-Board-P4295.aspx
  8. Guys, I'm sure Nate will be happy to see how big interest his project spurred. But please refrain from comments with suggestions for stealing his design or other speculations regarding his private life. @@bluehash already said he will try to contact Nate and if/when he will get response he will shed some light in this matter.
  9. And this book is again on sale in Elsevier (as other technical books - just use CYBER50 code at the checkout for a nice discount) PS. And no, I'm not related to authors in any way
  10. @@abecedarian - @@tnjeff doesn't need the exact value for this exercise - basically it acts as a pull-up resistor, and he will be grounding it via the body resistance (using a spoon as an input button ). @@tnjeff - in spirit of learning something new, please try it with one resistor and then with two in series. Next look up the Ohms Law, value of resistance of human body (or try to measure the latter one with a multimeter) and resistance divider (the last one is explained in the same chapter of the book).
  11. I had trouble finding those exercise, as the page numbers are totally different in my case. But I found it. 1) the schematic is wrong - it should be one 2 Ohm and one 4 Ohm. 2) as long as you use in the range of mega Ohms, you will be fine (10M is ok).
  12. I bought some of those modules - no problem at all. And regarding the prices? I put it that way - for a 5000 reel of 0603 green LEDs I paid $2 And if they can sell parts for such price and still making profit (albeit not too big one) they can pump out those modules for less than $1 each.
  13. I'm getting serious about MSP430 and decided to upgrade my toolpark. I would like your opinion guys As for now Olimex has one thing that I will be missing in TI's device - power usage while debugging. From what I read you can run your code and you'll get per instruction power usage (which I find very useful, since actual project is a wireless sensor network ). However there is no mention about new chips being supported (which of course is not a problem at all with MSP-FET430UIF... So if I can ask for some input regarding those devices - feel free to post
  14. You were right writing "if you receive them" instead of "when". The seller didn't send the order in over a week. At the end it occurred that hi didn't have a clue about the difference between "lot" and "part". As the kit was consisting 4 parts, he just wrote a "lot". So in the end those $42 was for single unit, which he didn't have actually and had to source it first. I was happy enough with that approach to cancel the order. So sorry, no review this time :-(
  15. @@Rei Vilo: thanks for the link. However - it was just an example, I found more images like this in the book. One more thing I found out: I tried to print out some examples. It's just unreadable - you can barely see the coloured syntax on paper. And of course you cannot use "print text as black" function, because ... yep it's an image.
  16. Here is one of the better comparison of the ovens: http://www.rocketscream.com/blog/2011/06/19/toaster-convection-or-infrared-oven/ looks like 9l 800W should be fine. OTOH - OP's build is based on 4 element oven (I assume a little higher capacity than 9l ).
  17. It's in the first post: BTW: I'd love to purchase one, but cannot find any suitable IR oven in Europe. If anyone can direct me where to find one - I will greatly appreciate it Seriously - for example I was trying to find this B&D one and couldn't find it for less than $250 + shipping.
  18. Whoa, guys. As this conversation brought this book to my attention and it's actually on sale in the Elsevier's store for a tenner, I just decided to give it a go. My $0.02: 1) The target of this book are beginners, newbies etc. who want to get things done and don't be scared about some details. It's very good approach for kids for example - my little one loves to put few pieces together in Scratch on RPi and have a blinking LED, or running light on the LED bar. She loves it (similar reaction was when I showed her CapTouch Booster pack), When she will be older I'll definitely want her to sta
  19. I just found on Aliexpress MSP-FET430UIF for as low as $10.66 (purchased in a bulk of four). Does anyone have any experience with those Chinese products?
  20. Heh, I just received your BP and was about to ask for some docs/code for it
  21. Any chance to purchase such oven in Europe?
  22. I just received 10 LCDs for $10.5 shipped. If anyone is interested here is the link to the seller: http://www.aliexpress.com/item/High-Quality-LCD-for-Nokia-1202-Free-Shipping/955830561.html exactly 3 weeks from the payment to receiving goods. These LCDs are the ones with vias on flex.
  23. kodi


    just fighting with this problem as well. Those switches look pretty stable, but I was testing just few of them. Still looks like the best method would be to use 4-wire measurement. That leaves the method of telling MCU what range is selected. For now I'm just using the second switch
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