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  1. After some brake I decided to come back to the MSP43x world and try the MSP432 LP. One thing I noticed - all three I have (even the last one ordered in 2016) have XMS432 rev B, for which support will be phased out this year. As 3 chips with shipping are coming close to the price of the whole LP, can anyone confirm the current silicone version on those LPs?

  2. or Ireland - $21. I have one more "but" here. Lately they refused to send me some samples, because they don't think I'm a valid business entity. Seriously? I have registered R&D company in Ireland, my company is a part of bigger network of smaller design entities, We don't do production runs, though.

    I always loved the "I have an idea! let's try this"! Quick, crude design, datasheet digging, and we have an alpha stage. We need some ICs. Sample request to TI, 48 hours later smiling driver delivers the parts. 2 days later prototype is ready for code upload. One week and you can see if the idea was a crappy one or if you are onto something. I was always the "idea guy", leaving ironing out the smaller issues to my colleagues. Am I a preferred business partner for TI? Apparently not. I still refuse to jump on ARM bandwagon for simple things (like sensors or actuators) because I still believe the same results can be achieved using less power on simplier MCU platforms. 


    Really sorry for OT, but actually this Launchpad was the last straw for me. 

  3. @@abecedarian yeah. I know. The problem is that on Pi Day (shipping for 3.14) I ordered what I thought was last of dev kits from TI and I PROMISED to not order more for some time. I am a little strained now, so I just can't justify spending $21 for shipping, when I can get free shipping from Farnell :( Basically - price of this kit + shipping is now the same as Raspberry Pi B v2.

  4. I am doing a project in texas instruments,so the MSP430 launchpad is must.Is there any other alternative.??


    I did this some time ago, but AFAIR it was done like this - power up the HC-SR04 by 5V from the launchpad. It can be triggered directly by MSP430, however to not damage the MCU the receiving pin of the MCU has to be connected to 2/3 voltage divider, Works like a charm.


    As last resort you can power the sensor by the 3.3V bus, but the range will be limited to about half a meter (5V powered sensor was giving me exact readings up to 4 meters).

  5. Tried the "hardware upgrade" today - works like a charm.

    If anyone wants to try it - remember, there is a thermal pad under the chip, so the best solution is to preheat the board from the bottom.

    And shield the surroundings of the MCU with kapton tape or you will make small cap and much smaller resistors happy with teaching them how to fly.

    Besides that - piece of cake.

  6. O.M.G. 16bit ADC just to see if the output is active? I approve. TBH precision op-amp I had in mind could be more expensive :D Also - what about negative polarity signals?


    And regarding the precision resistors - After Dave had to order 1000 of them (as a non-stock part), they got back in stock ;) Murphy sends his regards :D

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