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    Trigger reacted to Samartist in 4x4x4 LED cube, using 3 pins of MSP430 launchpad   
    This is my 4x4x4 led cube project, done with MSP430, using only 3 pins of MSP, the circuit diagram is shown in the photos, the hardware consists of 3 shift registers, 74595, and 4 NPN transistors...

    you can learn how to make a 4x4x4 LED cube by instructables or youtube or some other sites, its easy to make...
    but make sure that you make exact same connections as shown in the cicuit diagrams... or else this code won't work in the new hardware...

    the hardware can be built as shown in the circuit diagram...

    the code is given below, you can changes it and make your own animation with it....
    this is what i have done with the cube...

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    Trigger reacted to chibiace in Hello from Ireland   
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    Trigger reacted to cubeberg in Hello from Ireland   
    Welcome @@Trigger!  Feel free to ask anything - everyone was a beginner at one point  Do you have any projects in mind - or just looking to get started with the LP?
    BTW - I had the opportunity to visit Ireland a couple of years ago - absolutely beautiful country and very friendly people.  One of my favorite memories was a family having a picnic in the ruins of an old tower - something we don't exactly get in the US!
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    Trigger reacted to cubeberg in Hello from Ireland   
    Hopefully you've found the right place  I've always found everyone here to be extremely helpful - I knew little to nothing a couple of years ago (although to be honest - I mostly pick up what I need for a specific project). The only thing I've ever seen anyone get an unfriendly reply from are students who like to post their assignment with "give me the answer" requests  
    There is a lot of getting started material, code and boosterpacks available here - feel free to start a thread if you have questions.  Project threads are great for getting help with something that's in-progress.  Just remember to break things into chunks - projects are easier to work on one piece at a time.  Sounds like you've got some great ideas to get you started!
    I actually just ordered the Newnes book myself - interested to see the sections on the Educational Boosterpack.  I've got one - but haven't really played around with it yet.  
    Are you planning on starting with Energia or Code Composer?
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