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  1. Trigger

    A Newb Returns

    I have tried every USB port on the machine and also tried to turn off what appears to be a default of dev/ttyAMC0. I cannot get beyond that with my current state of knowledge.
  2. Trigger

    A Newb Returns

    Hi Folks. After a while in the woods and still keen. I cannot get a windows machine to do the business for me and my mac has died so I am using Linux Mint all of the time. I cannot get Energia working on my machine. I tried a blink sketch but got this error message... Energia: 1.8.7E21 (Linux), Board: "MSP-EXP430G2ET w/ MSP430G2553" /home/trigger/Desktop/energia-1.8.7E21/hardware/energia/msp430/cores/msp430/atof.c: In function 'atof': /home/trigger/Desktop/energia-1.8.7E21/hardware/energia/msp430/cores/msp430/atof.c:71:9: warning: floating constant exceeds range of 'double' [-Woverflow] Sketch uses 810 bytes (4%) of program storage space. Maximum is 16384 bytes. Global variables use 20 bytes (3%) of dynamic memory, leaving 492 bytes for local variables. Maximum is 512 bytes. DSLite version Configuring Debugger (may take a few minutes on first launch)... Initializing Register Database... Initializing: MSP430 error: MSP430: Error initializing emulator: No USB FET was found Failed: MSP430: Error initializing emulator: No USB FET was found the selected serial port does not exist or your board is not connected This report would have more information with "Show verbose output during compilation" option enabled in File -> Preferences. I still want to realise my goal of controlling things with the MSP series of mcu's, stepper and lighting are my primary goals. I have one Launchpad left, I haven't done anything with it for a while but it appears to power up. This should be simple but it driving me nuts. Any help appreciated, so many years in. Thanks in advance. I hope I can get help. I need it. ATB, Trigger
  3. Trigger

    A Newb Returns

    Cheers Henk, if that is how it goes then I wil have to. My needs are modest and I think that I can run the Windows version under WINE in Linux.
  4. Trigger

    A Newb Returns

    dubnet, Thanks a million. I will try and get it happening over the weekend. I DO have an old XP box that I may have to press into service or try it via WINE or similar, I'm still a total newb on Linux but I'm loving it. Are there any/many Radio Amateurs on this forum do you know? Cheers, Tryg
  5. Trigger

    A Newb Returns

    Hello All, After quite a while I have dusted off a few bits and seek to get started once again with the Launchpad (Rev. 1.4). Owing to the fact that XP is no longer supported I am using Linux Mint (Sonya). I have tried to install an old version of Energia for the 32bit version of Linux I am using but it is not happening. I realise that this may be a bit 'old hat' to some 'power users' but all I want to do is carry on with my experiments and also use some of the 'shields' that I bought way back. It is just really a restart for me but any kind of help would be most welcome. It is hard to believe that it was 2013 when I last posted. Thanks for all of the previous help I got here and in advance for any assistance I can get this time. Cheers, Tryg
  6. Hi all, FIRST, thanks for all of the useful help that I received from those that responded. I tried several times a few weeks back to log in but was having trouble - even via Google log-in. This morning I emailed via the "Contact Us" form and explained. THEN I tried again via the Google log-in and it worked. So, here I am saying thanks. I upgraded the firmware and all is well. I got my project to work - at least on my prototyping board so now I am going to try and see if I can mod it to work slightly differently. I have a pair of the Anaren Air Module Booster Packs and aim to try to control the stepper wirelessly. THAT is for the future. Thanks again to all that responded. I made a short video...
  7. Hi all, After owning a Launchpad for a while now I am only really getting started properly. So far things have gone well working through the examples. I have however got a bit stuck and don't really know how to tackle the problem. I tried to load up the code for this project... http://arduining.com/2013/07/10/launchpad-energia-and-stepper-motor/ The LP that I have came with a 2231 but I bought a few 2553's and dropped one into the Launchpad for this project. I copied the setup on the webpage above and tried too load the code via Energia. I have tried quite a few times now but without any luck. I have selected the 2553 via the "Tools" menu in Energia. My hardware set-up is identical to that on the above page. I thought that I had accidentally killed my Launchpad but I refitted the 2231 and loaded "Blink" and "Fade" and all was well. I cannot load either of these two simple programs onto the 2553. I really am running low on enthusiasm right now and would be grateful for any help or advice with this. If there is a plainly obvious error I am making please excuse my ineptitude but I cannot see it.
  8. Hey Cubeberg, Thanks for the reply. I am glad that you like the ideas. I am a radio ham and I think that my projects will be geared towards that for now. I KNOW that some of my questions will just show up my lack of knowledge but with luck that will fade. I will wait until the book arrives and then get stuck in again. I plan on using Energia so that I can do stuff with the Arduino too - mainly because my Nephew has one and I can share stuff with him. The other area I am interested in is assistive technologies that can enable people with disabilities to get into ham radio too. I thought about trying to get a Launchpad to convert audio pulses (i.e. Morse Code) into action that could operate a small x6 matrix of actuated pins to convert the audio pulses into braille letters. That might be beyond the capabilities of the LP but maybe not. Any ideas are welcome. I will wait for a bit before I start making any ambitious posts. I appreciate all the advice. Cheers, Tryg
  9. Hi Cubeberg and Chibiace, Thanks for the replies and greetings. I have been looking around the forums but I am worried that I am going to ask something dumb and end up getting flamed or told a bunch of stuff that I cannot understand. I have a few launchpads that I got a couple of years back because I thought that I would have a lot of time to do stuff. A lot of other things happened shortly afterwards and I am trying to make a fresh start. I have very little experience with MCU's. I just did the flashing leds thing and getting the LP to turn a servo motor via a pot. When I started in electronics I was on my own and had NO assistance - I used to watch people do stuff and then I'd try and copy it. It has been like that with most stuff that I have learned. I have a few health issues too but I am "functional". My first goal is to try and get the LP to turn a small geared motor (2 rpm) fwd/rev to control a tuning capacitor on a magnetic loop antenna - I'm a radio ham. The next goal would be to do the same with a stepper. My ultimate goal in that set of projects is to get my TI Chronos - it should be here any day now - to "talk" to a Launchpad wirelessly and tune the antenna from my wrist. THAT would be very handy for working from within a tent, especially in rainy weather. Magnetic loop antennas can have thousands of volts spinning around them even at low power levels <5watts - which is what I am interested in. Anyone can lob a grenade into a pond and get all the fish but landing a 20lb salmon on 3lb line is a different affair entirely. I ordered the new Newnes book about the MSP430 and will be trying some stuff from that. Anyone that can help me get towards those things will never be stuck for pints in the West of Ireland.
  10. Hi All, I felt it appropriate to introduce myself as a first post. I have had a couple of Launchpads for a while now but haven't had too much time to get started with them. I hope to change that soon when I have a proper workbench set up - I had to move out of my old workshop a while back. I hope that I will be able to learn more about this cool little device during the coming months and will, no doubt, be asking all manner of questions. Hopefully too I will at some future point be able to help others too. I am glad that this forum and website exists. Owing to advancing years and an "ozone layer" that has more holes in it than a J-Cloth my questions might seem a bit dumb but with help that should pass - I hope. Anyway, glad to be on board and look forward to learning. Cheers, Trigger
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