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  1. Trigger

    A Newb Returns

    I have tried every USB port on the machine and also tried to turn off what appears to be a default of dev/ttyAMC0. I cannot get beyond that with my current state of knowledge.
  2. Trigger

    A Newb Returns

    Hi Folks. After a while in the woods and still keen. I cannot get a windows machine to do the business for me and my mac has died so I am using Linux Mint all of the time. I cannot get Energia working on my machine. I tried a blink sketch but got this error message... Energia: 1.8.7E21 (Linux), Board: "MSP-EXP430G2ET w/ MSP430G2553" /home/trigger/Desktop/energia-1.8.7E21/hardware/energia/msp430/cores/msp430/atof.c: In function 'atof': /home/trigger/Desktop/energia-1.8.7E21/hardware/energia/msp430/cores/msp430/atof.c:71:9: warning: floating constant exceeds range of 'double'
  3. Trigger

    A Newb Returns

    Cheers Henk, if that is how it goes then I wil have to. My needs are modest and I think that I can run the Windows version under WINE in Linux.
  4. Trigger

    A Newb Returns

    dubnet, Thanks a million. I will try and get it happening over the weekend. I DO have an old XP box that I may have to press into service or try it via WINE or similar, I'm still a total newb on Linux but I'm loving it. Are there any/many Radio Amateurs on this forum do you know? Cheers, Tryg
  5. Trigger

    A Newb Returns

    Hello All, After quite a while I have dusted off a few bits and seek to get started once again with the Launchpad (Rev. 1.4). Owing to the fact that XP is no longer supported I am using Linux Mint (Sonya). I have tried to install an old version of Energia for the 32bit version of Linux I am using but it is not happening. I realise that this may be a bit 'old hat' to some 'power users' but all I want to do is carry on with my experiments and also use some of the 'shields' that I bought way back. It is just really a restart for me but any kind of help would be most welcome. It is hard to believe
  6. Hi all, FIRST, thanks for all of the useful help that I received from those that responded. I tried several times a few weeks back to log in but was having trouble - even via Google log-in. This morning I emailed via the "Contact Us" form and explained. THEN I tried again via the Google log-in and it worked. So, here I am saying thanks. I upgraded the firmware and all is well. I got my project to work - at least on my prototyping board so now I am going to try and see if I can mod it to work slightly differently. I have a pair of the Anaren Air Module Booster Packs and aim to try to control th
  7. Hi all, After owning a Launchpad for a while now I am only really getting started properly. So far things have gone well working through the examples. I have however got a bit stuck and don't really know how to tackle the problem. I tried to load up the code for this project... http://arduining.com/2013/07/10/launchpad-energia-and-stepper-motor/ The LP that I have came with a 2231 but I bought a few 2553's and dropped one into the Launchpad for this project. I copied the setup on the webpage above and tried too load the code via Energia. I have tried quite a few times now but witho
  8. Hey Cubeberg, Thanks for the reply. I am glad that you like the ideas. I am a radio ham and I think that my projects will be geared towards that for now. I KNOW that some of my questions will just show up my lack of knowledge but with luck that will fade. I will wait until the book arrives and then get stuck in again. I plan on using Energia so that I can do stuff with the Arduino too - mainly because my Nephew has one and I can share stuff with him. The other area I am interested in is assistive technologies that can enable people with disabilities to get into ham radio too. I tho
  9. Hi Cubeberg and Chibiace, Thanks for the replies and greetings. I have been looking around the forums but I am worried that I am going to ask something dumb and end up getting flamed or told a bunch of stuff that I cannot understand. I have a few launchpads that I got a couple of years back because I thought that I would have a lot of time to do stuff. A lot of other things happened shortly afterwards and I am trying to make a fresh start. I have very little experience with MCU's. I just did the flashing leds thing and getting the LP to turn a servo motor via a pot. When I started in e
  10. Hi All, I felt it appropriate to introduce myself as a first post. I have had a couple of Launchpads for a while now but haven't had too much time to get started with them. I hope to change that soon when I have a proper workbench set up - I had to move out of my old workshop a while back. I hope that I will be able to learn more about this cool little device during the coming months and will, no doubt, be asking all manner of questions. Hopefully too I will at some future point be able to help others too. I am glad that this forum and website exists. Owing to advancing years and a
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