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  1. Guten tag and hello from a newbie here at the forums!
  2. I am relatively new here, and I can't speak for 430h or any of its members, but I personally value TI and their dedication to the hobbyist with their LaunchPad offerings. I also appreciate their samples program (although I no longer qualify), and their wide variety of user manuals and other product documentation. The MSP-EXP430G2 LaunchPad propelled me into investigating TI's microcontroller offerings and the DIP-packaged G2553 has been a wonderful device for me to work with, as it allows for easy breadboarding with great features. And the CCS and Energia IDEs and GRACE have been blessin
  3. @bluehash: Thank you for assisting me with this! Your help here is a perfect example of why I am seriously trying to work with the MSP430 platform, and why I enjoy accessing this forum, even from work! Thank you again.
  4. @roadrunner84: Hallo en dank u ! (from Google Translate, LOL)!
  5. Curtis, I am just a beginner here but welcome. You will find this to be the premier site for discussion and assistance with the MSP430 and MSP432 devices (among others). I know I certainly have benefitted from everyone's experiences and eager assistance.
  6. @bluehash: THANK YOU for the quick reply. I did not even think about their github stuff. Unfortunately, it appears that these files are for hardware (BOM, gerber files, etc.) and not software. But I do thank you!
  7. @greeeg: thanks for the information. Yep, can't see using this setup at the moment. I was just curious. Thanks!
  8. Does anyone have an opinion on this particular Booster Pak: https://www.olimex.com/Products/MSP430/Booster/MSP430-G2744BP/ It indicates that the supported device is the MSP430G2744 in 40-pin DIL package. Would this be something of interest for those wanting to get into programming of MSP430 devices to be put in projects? It seems to have less memory than some of the other MSP430 devices, and may not be the best choice if I want maximum memory out of a MSP430.
  9. Does anyone have the test firmware for the original Educational BoosterPack as shown on the YouTube video: It would be very helpful to me to see the code for this testing script. Thank you for any help with this.
  10. @dubnet: Thank you! @spirilis: I have worked a LITTLE with the Arduino Uno board, and with both the mbed LPC1768 and the Parallax Propeller. 25+ years ago I was schooled in the Z80 and 8501 and the like, but that was long ago. My eyes are 51 now and my fingers act much older, so the DIP packages with the LaunchPad make it convenient to port something over to breadboard or perfboard (if I ever get that far). From what I am guessing, the G2553 is the most powerful chip that I can use on the DIP-type LaunchPad. I have the Getting Started book and will soon [ ] have a ver.1 Educational B
  11. I have been signed up here for sometime, yet haven't been active as a poster until now. I am from east Tennessee and have a variety of interests, professional and hobbyist. I am trying to get to know the MSP430G2553 in particular, and look forward to learning all I can from all of the experienced members here. Thanks for all the wonderful posts, by the way.
  12. @enl: thanks for the info and links. The low power requirements is a very good selling point for me, as I am working on a remote datalogger for rockslide monitoring. Will check your links out for ideas. EDIT: I just looked at your PWM code, and it has really informative commenting. Also provides me with some useful interrupt ideas. EDIT2: Your clock code is way over my head, so it will provide lots of learning opportunities I am sure! @veryalive: thank you as well... I will look at CCS now. Thanks to you both!
  13. @Fmilburn: Thanks for the information. I wasn't sure of the reason for their being. I really like energia and appreciate your reply.
  14. I am new to the MSP430, and have so much to learn. I would like to have some help understanding what exactly the following code examples would allow me to do with the MSP430, and how it would benefit me: http://www.kerrywong.com/2012/02/27/simplifying-msp430g2-programming/ http://hackaday.com/2011/03/09/header-file-brings-arduino-sketches-to-the-ti-launchpad/ I don't know what these examples are supposed to do for me, and any explanations for this noobie are appreciated.
  15. Thanks for the reply. I have lots to learn about the MSP430G family in partiular. Do you happen to have links to your own projects featuring the 2553 or similar? Thanks again.
  16. I am wondering just how useful as a microcontroller the 2553 may be. Is it anywhere near as "useful" as say the Arduino for general projects? I am wanting to build a rover platform and monitor a Ping sensor, drive two DC motors, operate a tilt/pan servo, and do other things. Is the 2553 up for something like this? I mention the 2553 because I have the associated LaunchPad board and it is also available as a DIP device. Any ideas are very much appreciated!
  17. I am wanting to buy an original Educational BoosterPack. Please contact me if you have one or know of one for sale. Thank you. mekkatronix@yahoo.com
  18. I am looking for the original Educational BoosterPack. Does anyone have one for sale? Thanks. EDIT (04/16/2016): Does anyone have the test firmware for the original Educational BoosterPack as shown on the YouTube video: It would be very helpful to me to see the code for this testing script. Thank you for any help with this.
  19. Thank you both for the replies. I apologize for my ignorance... I should have said "window" or something, instead of "elements". I have made some changes in resolution and also in the Preferences.txt file and that did it! THANKS SO MUCH!
  20. I am able to use the latest version of Energia (0101E0015) but the displayed items are way too small. I have tried to change the PC screen resolution and size but nothing helps to enlarge the Energia display. The same thing happens when running the Arduino IDE. Any ideas will be much appreciated. -gsutton
  21. Thanks. I may try tomorrow. Sent using my NOOKcolor Android eBook Reader
  22. The coupon code was rejected by the server when I tried it. Sent using my NOOKcolor Android eBook Reader
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