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  1. Rick, I'm trying to use the STL and Boost libs for inspiration. I'm thinking variadic template parameters. But I've not ventured quite that far, yet. I'll probably write a little helper tool to generate the template specializations to allow 3 ports. We'll see. It's a lot of work for not all that much gain, I suspect. Fiddling around with it I completed much of the port interface (i.e. enable_input, enable_pullup, enable_interupt_rising, enable_interupt_falling, etc). If I take it much farther I'll put it on github. Virtual classes--while great for some things--certainly co
  2. Roadrunner, I am a big fan of abstraction and automation. I see plenty of room for accidental defects using the iomacros (i.e. P1OUT, P1REN, etc). A good abstraction could help push the defect discovery process back to compilation. So, I've been thinking about ways to solve your challenge. Like Rick, I'm going to solve the problem with templates. But I'm going to take it a step farther. I'm going to make it simpler on the library user's end, but at the cost of a more complicated library. For example, this--or something similar--is what I want to do: int main(int,char**) {
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