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  1. Hi everyone, Im a newbie so I have a trouble, How to distinguish between TimerLoadSet and TimerPrescaleSet I have seen a example which timer configured : TimerPrescaleSet(TIMER0_BASE, TIMER_A, 500); TimerLoadSet(TIMER0_BASE, TIMER_A, 60000); How to calculate the values of each timer ? Thanks Dear!
  2. Thanks spirilis, Why I must hook the GND together, what things will occur when i dont do that?
  3. I use BBB, install ubuntu operation, i have install cloud9 IDE, bonescript, but i cant access to cloud9 address (, i hope anyfriend help me. Thank in advanced!
  4. I have beaglebone black install ubuntu 13.04, i wanna send a data to LM4F120XL and receive data from it, have anyone used to do it? plz give a suggest or a tutorial ?
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