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  1. thanks abecedarian , how I can determine my line is XCC3101GZ or XCC3200HZ ?
  2. If you are using pre-production CC3200 Launch Pad with XCC3101GZ or XCC3200HZ, the device must not get formatted as secured I have read the above line in Uniflash userguide, but I do not know what is XCC3101GZ and XCC3200HZ? Plz help me to explain 02 notations. Thanks!
  3. How I can understand about '16000000' value in below code: UARTStdioConfig(0, 115200, 16000000); Pls give me an explanation as detail as possible.
  4. As Datasheet tm4cg123h6pm, "The ADC operates from both the 3.3-V analog and 1.2-V digital power supplies" How to choose one of them with ADC module, If I do not choose, which voltage is default ? Thanks in advance!
  5. Thanks @@Lyon for your recommend, in my case, Board have worked, I can toggle two LEDs on pin PB0 and PB1, But when I config for pin PC4, it can not control, I also to test PC5 (close to PC4), it work perfectly. Please give me a explanation, my TM4CGH6PM was shipped from Ti's sample (free). I was doubted about this sample, can I trust in all TI's sample ?
  6. I measure voltage of VCC=3.3, VDDC =1.21 (V), I try to set digital output on pin PC4 and measure V_PC4=0.91 volt, But when I use TIva LaunchPad V_PC4=3.3 V. I hope someone explain for my issue. Thanks everyone!
  7. So what is the best way to convert 5v to 3v3 for reading encoder purpose ? I want to read encoder exactly as possible at 3v3. Can I find a IC which can convert 5v analog to 3v3 analog? Please give me some solution! Thanks in advanced!
  8. Hi everyone, I have a motor, its encoder's output 5VDC, I want to convert it to 3v3 VDC to interface with MCU. and I know that schmitt trigger will help eliminate noises of encoder, so I want to design a board have both functions above. Please give me the way to do this. Thanks everyone!
  9. I have done, but I can not set HIGH digital output at pin PC4, (GH6PMI), other pin is still good, where is my fail? Thanks spirilis
  10. HHi everyone, I have made a board with MCU TM4CGH6MPI (TI's sample), with 16 Mhz crystal SMD. I have connected Jtag of TIva LaunchPad and board as below: TCK -TCK TMS-TMS TDO-TDO TDI-TDI GND-GND PA0-PA0 PA1-PA1 The next time, I debugged code but It do not allow, and notify some thing 'Error connecting to the target', 'Error connecting to the target out of freqency'. Can I solve my problem? I have spend a large amount of money for this board, please help me! Thanks everyone!
  11. I'm going to use TMP101Q for reading temperature, but the document fair complex, I also can not figure out the source code to implement my project. Can you give me some solution to use this sensor? Thanks
  12. I want to read battery votage of Motobike. and measure ambient temperature, can I use any sample from Ti to make it ? How to get a accurate offset in ADC formula? Thanks @L!
  13. Hi everyone, I want to use TivaLaunchpad's ADC to read Battery voltage and tempurature with the highest accuracy possible, Please give me solutions. Thanks everyone.
  14. yep, I wan to alternate GH6PM but I only have 3H6PM sample from Ti, is it possible? Thanks Igor!
  15. Hi everyone, Please give me the distinguish between two MCUs, Can I use TM4C1233H6PMI for alternating MCU of TM4C123G LaunchPad (EK-TM4C123GXL). Thank so much!
  16. Hi everybody, I have a sample tm4c h6pm, I need some document to make a circuit which i can use all function as a Tiva Launchpad without JTAG. Please give me some recommend for me. Much appreciate!
  17. Hi everybody, I want to make a circuit which using tmp101Q of TI interface with TM4C H6PM, I have read datasheet but I have no idea to draw a schematic for this sensor, someone say that need resistors pull up at SDA and SCL pins, is it right ? Please consider my attached file and give me a key to solve this problem. Thanks !
  18. Hi every one, I have a unclearly trouble in SSI table ( attached file), I do not know about parrameter filled yellow (1 or 2? number). Please help me to explain it. Thank you!
  19. Yep, I have made a powersupply, and now, I wanna to use a pin of microcontroller (digital output mode) to active or deactive this power.
  20. Hi everyone, I want to use some isolate devices(opto, FET, BJT, Relay) to control (active/deactivate via a pin of microcontroller) a power supply 12V-5A via a pin of microcontroller. Please suggest me a optimizing way to implement my ideas. Thanks a lot!
  21. have anybody help me? or give me other website to solve my problem. Thanks!
  22. Hi everyone, I wanna control a step motor (datasheet :http://www.nidec-servo.com/en/digital/pdf/KH42J.pdf) with Tiva Launchdpad as a controller. I used a L298 H bridge (http://arduino-info.wikispaces.com/file/view/MotorDriver2.jpg/219771672/MotorDriver2.jpg) as a driver, using PD0 PD1 PD2 PD3 are 4 inputs of L298 module. In datasheet of motor, I recognized that it's have four steps, each step include 4 states correspond with PD0,1,2,3; using digital output for PORTD connected to L298 input. I have a question, are my concepts right ? I hope someone can explain for me! Thanks in advanced!
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