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    UART problem

    I don't have a digital oscilloscope but since you said the uart might not be in sync, I added a delay after the ROM_UARTConfigSetExpClk call like: ROM_SysCtlDelay(1000); and it fixed the issue for me. Thanks for the help.
  2. fdsa

    UART problem

    I'm trying to get a simple uart program working as shown below and I'm having issues with the baud rate being 9600. The program works fine with the baud rate being 115200. The code is based on the code provided in the Stellaris workbook. #include <inc/hw_gpio.h> #include <inc/hw_memmap.h> #include <inc/hw_sysctl.h> #include <inc/hw_types.h> #include <driverlib/gpio.h> #include <driverlib/rom.h> #include <driverlib/sysctl.h> #include <driverlib/uart.h> int main() { // Set clock to 80 Mhz. ROM_SysCtlClockSet(SYSCTL_SYSDIV_2_5 | SYSCTL_US
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