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  1. This is very useful Thank you! Is there a way to access any file from the SD card? Right now it's pf_open(filename.txt). How do we get the code to work with any filename?
  2. URGENT: would anybody know how to easily create a .csv file for a certain file size? say 900 kb Thanks in advance!!!
  3. I could get the code to work without disk_initialize(), do you guys got the same thing? Isn't it necessary?
  4. Hey I just notice it's using software serial for UART. How do I change it to hardware UART, or is there a reason why it uses SW?
  5. Hi thanks for the reply! Is there another way, like writing to the excel file with the program? I am doing this because I am trying to make this easy for whoever's using this code, so they don't have to handle all these delimiter steps (txt file to excel file)
  6. is there a way to save it to an excel file (.xlsx) instead of .txt file?
  7. hey if i used the "ft" command to read, is there a way to put all that content in a string?
  8. if I were to use clock frequency of 1MHz instead of 16MHz and baud rate 9600 remains the same: BCSCTL1 = CALBC1_1MHZ; DCOCTL = CALDCO_1MHZ; what do I need to change other than these 2 line of codes in void setup () and change to #define F_CPU 1000000 in config.h?
  9. what is the difference between command fd and ft???
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