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    i love to learn about low level programming :)
  1. Samartist

    Most Compact 8x8x8 LED Cube with G2553

    ok, best of luck then its really enjoyable project
  2. Samartist

    Most Compact 8x8x8 LED Cube with G2553

    ok, wat ICs are you going to use in them?
  3. Samartist

    Most Compact 8x8x8 LED Cube with G2553

    no, i didnt make it from an existing schematic, its a new concept, i didnt write any code for it, as i had to show it to my college, so it has to be formal, i will write some formal code, to demostrate the cube, but it can be coded easily like every other cube...
  4. This is an 8x8x8 LED cube, designed by me, i think its the most compact circuit i have ever seen on the internet regarding a cube of this size...
  5. new project - LED propeller, its pixels are fixed, the speed of the motar have no effect on that.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4jmODg4TcKE
  6. Samartist

    Digital Clock usign MSPG2452

    thanks guys
  7. Samartist

    Gameboy using MSP430

    well, i named it gameboy, because i didnt design it for only the pingpong, it can have many more games in it, so i thought it would be better to call it a gameboy... but actually, i think i have never used a gameboy myself, so i dont know the exact concept of it... [oops]
  8. Samartist

    Digital Clock usign MSPG2452

    can anyone tell me, how to enlarge the images i uploaded here? :\
  9. Samartist

    Digital Clock usign MSPG2452

    hi friends, this is my project on Digital clock, using MSP430G2452 [u can use any 20 pin MSP controller], i have uploaded its schematic with the code here, you can see it working at... clock.pdf clock.sch main.c
  10. Samartist

    Heart Beat Counter [on LCD] - msp430g2553

    no i havent, thats very good idea thanks, i m searching for its contents
  11. Samartist

    Heart Beat Counter [on LCD] - msp430g2553

    thanks to all of you friends... username the pair consists of an IR led and a PHOTODIODE, because ir can penetrate through human body more easily [i think] and the pulse generated by the heart affects the reception, which is then amplified and filtered by 2 op amp amplification stages, and then given to the msp430.... simpleavr it was necessary to give 5 volts, as the LCD works on 5 volts, and decreasing the voltage in the sensor section means decreasing the voltage for the IR, which effects the sensitivity... i have given nearly 4 volts to msp, [using 3 diodes in series] bluehashwhat is HR?
  12. This is a heart beat counter, which displays the result on an LCD, it amplifies the signal by a dual op amp IC, and passes it to msp, as an interupt to count the number of pulse for 15 secs, it uses internal clock, so its not so accurate, but it will give you a good precised result... i have given all the neccassary information, including the schematic, the video link, and the code, with the header file.. here is its video... see the instructions to build it at http://www.instructables.com/id/Heart-Beat-Counter-using-MSP430/ lcd.h main.c
  13. Samartist

    Gameboy using MSP430

    thanks it is quite good but i dont know its working, maybe i will see it on youtube thanks
  14. finished a project with the launchpad, now wat? -_- start looking for a new project >.<

    1. cubeberg


      World domination (using an MSP430 of course)

    2. JWoodrell


      its hard to fit world domination in 16K of flash, maybe just sharks with frickin laser beams?