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  1. Rick, Code samples will be available on Elsevier website in about 10 days and will be available on our company (Bitstream Technology) website about mid-June. Dan
  2. Our website is being re-done to include new products and to include the code samples. Unfortunately, the website won't be revised until mid-June. I believe Elsevier (the publisher) said they would provide code samples on their website, but I haven't checked that. I will check with them and let you know. Dan Harres
  3. Thanks for the comments. Actually, the convergence to IAR and MSP430G2452 were partly just a personal preference and partly just to make the examples easier for the reader to follow. I didn't want to have a situation where I'd have to say "for the IAR compiler do this, but for the CCS compiler do that" or likewise with the 2452 versus all the other LaunchPad-compatible MSP430-variants. The fact is that I do like Code Composer and I do like other MSP430 DIP versions (particularly the MSP430G2553), it's just that IAR and MSP430G2452 were my favorites at the time. Dan Harres
  4. Okay. Fair enough. The truth is that we don't have a lot of experience with these forums, blogs, etc. and we're trying to get up to speed on how to do this stuff. The URL for the Kickstarter project is: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1405970721/fast-and-fun-msp430-robot-car. We also have a Youtube video at: . We have great technology but our marketing admittedly sucks. Dan Harres Bitstream Technology
  5. Please see the attached file. Thanks, Dan Harres MSP430 Fast and Fun Robot Car Announcement.ppt
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