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  1. thank you a lot what you said were usefull . I'm new in programing and i don't know many things. I would like to ask something else i run the program and everything ok but i can't see the result in my MSP430 . What can i do for that? these is my code : #include <msp430g2553.h> #ifndef TIMER0_A1_VECTOR #define TIMER0_A1_VECTOR TIMERA1_VECTOR #define TIMER0_A0_VECTOR TIMERA0_VECTOR #endif int main(void) { WDTCTL = WDTPW + WDTHOLD; P1DIR = 0x40; P1OUT = 0; BCSCTL3 |= LFXT1S_2; IFG1 &= ~OFIFG; __bis_SR_register(SCG1 + SCG0); BCSCTL2 |= SELM_3 + DI
  2. Hi, i followed all the steps but unfortunately it didn't work. it show me some errors( i think that may be code::blocks cannot find the libraries). Do you have any idea what i can do to solve the errors ? thanks
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