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  1. Good point. I haven't looked at the new boards, yet, so I wasn't aware of that. I could always design the BP to have 2 pins for 5V, and the user could choose which one to use/install. I'll continue searching for a 1 pin socket, but the jumper wire will have to be my backup.
  2. I'm aware of the jumper wires but would prefer to have a connector that works like the normal 10 pin headers that connect the BP to the LP. Also, the socket ends of those wires are pretty long and won't fit into the space between the LP and BP when it's pressed down all the way.
  3. I'm developing a BoosterPack, and want to tap into the 5VDC available on the LP, at TP1. I'm having trouble finding a 1 pin header/socket to make the connection. Actually the header/pin part is easy, but does anyone have an idea where to find a 1 pin socket to mate with it?
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