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  1. I fixed it, and it now works. Thanks a lot for pointing out the type I had.
  2. You're right, that's weird though, why did I passed the while loop, was there an interrupt ?, there was no transmission on that particular bus
  3. I'm writing an SPI driver for MSP430F5528 chip. I'm using the driverlib from TI for working with the SPI. I need to send 3 bytes. When I'm sending the 3 bytes one after the other, only the third byte is actually sent, like the first two were overriden. I tried waiting until the SPI bus won't be busy. but than I get gaps between the bytes, the CLK stops between them and the perihpheral doesn't work. I tried also turning the SPI's TX interrupt, and wait until the interrupt occurr, but aperently, the bytes are overriden like before. Here's some code for reference: GPIO_setAsOutputPin
  4. Everyone here probably knows Stack overflow, and the concept of the Q&A Stack exchange networks brings, We've decided to create a new dedicated site for Embedded developement, for MSP430 and other micro-controllers, I invite you all to register for your support in such a site here Warm regards, Ramon.
  5. I downloaded the MSP430ware_140_00_26 to be used with MSP430F55290. As far as I understand, there are two possible libraries that can be used in the folder driverlib : 5xx_6xx MSP430F5xx_6xx Which one is right ?
  6. I started an empty project on AFE4490 Evaluation board. I'm linking the project with DLIB with standard configuration. When I use printf() the text appears on IAR console, but it turns out very slowly. IAR suggest to use buffered output, that can be enabled in the Linker configuration. I did that, but then nothing appears on my console. Does anyone encounter that ?
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