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  1. Hello, I had tried the same earlier it worked for me. The below are the steps I followed, 1. Code MSP430 with Hardware UART firmware. 2. Keep the Jumper in Horizontal position for TXD & RXD. 3. Open minicom or picocom in Ubuntu. 4. Select the appropriate baudrate that you set in the code and select device as /dev/ttyACM0,1,2,3....etc. 5. This should solve your problem. Regards, Vksalian.
  2. Hello Bluehash, I managed to get the hardware connection working (and your code running) after a series of troubleshoots as listed below, 1. I found that P1.5 and GND of MSP430G2553 were short may be due to excess current fed into the line (it was my mistake). So replaced the IC itself. 2. I added pull-up resister of 10k each for SCK, DO, DI pins (Ref : http://www.mcu-turkey.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/sch_2-1024x701.png ). 3. Added 100nF capacitor across the VDD and VSS. 4. Retained pullup resister at 47k for CS pin. (Ref : TI site) Thanks for all the help offered by you in
  3. Hello Bluehash, I have attached the connection image below. I still have a doubt on CD and CS pins since the pin connection info from the datasheet (table above) says CD and CS are same pins. Please help me to get out of this connection. Also please let me know if you need any further info on this. Thanks, VKSALIAN
  4. Hello Bluehash, Thanks for the reply and the link to wiki. 1. I got the error, rc=1 is for the "di" command I typed in the terminal window, Disk Initialize... rc=1 I think its saying DISK error. But I believe it could be because of below confusion (point 2, below). 2. Also, I have one more confusion w.r.t. CD (CARD_DETECT) or CS pin. As per My understanding both are the same pins. But in the pdf at http://store.43oh.com/download/uploads/SDCardBoosterpack/schematic/43oh_BP_CardReader_SDCard_v1.2.pdf has 2 pin connec
  5. Hello Bluehash, I recently tried your code (given in the first page of this thread). I got the same error rc=1. I straight away connected the pins of MSP430G2553 to corresponding pins on SD Card. Now, my question, is there any need of pullup resister or any circuit elements to be connected to CLK, DATA, CS lnes, by any chance ? Please help me in this regard. I think, now, I was suppossed to use latest version of code in the above thread, Am I right ? Thanks in adavance for the help. -- Reagards, Vksalian
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