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  1. @@bluehash Hi bluehash. I am running the Makefile from the main Blinky folder. There is only one Makefile in the Blinky directory , which includes the blinky.c tiva linker and startup_gcc.c file plus there are the two folders /driverlib and /inc. I deleted the original makefile in the /driverlib directory since It did not work. I am using Energia anyhow but I would prefer to run everything from a self-contained directory. I still do not understand the Makefiles well so I am possibly making some mistake.
  2. Hi , I am trying to set up a basic toolchain on Windows , my aim was to generate some bin files that I could flash on the chip . I downloaded the gcc compiler from https://launchpad.net/gcc-arm-embedded/+download and the TivaWare package from TI. Next I created a folder called blinky and copied there the /driverlib and /inc directories. I also created a /src directory for the program. in the /src directory i copied the blinky file and the startup-gcc.c file along. On the mother directory i have the linker script and the Makefile. When I try to compile however I get the following er
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