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  1. This looks really nice, I will definately buy 2-5 depending on the final price.
  2. andy1324

    execution time

    Also if you have access to oscilloscope and the needed resolution is in the millisecond region you could get approximate estimate by togling pin on and off and putting the code between and checking the pulse with oscilloscope.
  3. As the main motivation of my project was testing the pcb manufacturing of seeedstudios (the same the dangerousprototypes uses?) and I have many extra pcb:s allready so it's of more use to one of the other fine projects.
  4. Thanks for the people who voted for me in the POTM,I would make a video but as I don't own a guitar it is a bit difficult =), I did measure another one I made with msp430f2012 using oscilloscope and the frequencies were quite nicely what they should be. Oh and yes the name is a typo and I did not check whether it was the correct spelling so my bad.
  5. gwdeveloper: The rendering is from Autodesk inventor, I just made the parts quickly and combined them to create that mockup. The coloring was done in Inkscape but I could have used the settings of the inventor for that too but I was just playing around and only have access to inventor at works because my laptop is too slow for it and running linux =) zeke: Yes thats exactly how it works, you just select the string with SW1 and pluck the string and point the leds to it. There is a commercial one that works just like this also, I just do not remember the maker at the moment.
  6. -- Update 10.11.2011 -- Okay I finally had a change to test it with a real guitar and found some pretty bad hindsights on the code, They have now been corrected and at least one guitar was tuned succesfully with the device This is my entry for the August POTM, I will update details here. Okay so it's a small strotoscobic guitar tuner/development board for msp430 in 14 pin tssop package. It provides 6 charlieplexed leds and two high intensity leds for strobe effect/whatever, I used msp430g2211 because I had two on hand but I think any 14 pin msp430 should work. The main idea
  7. Okay so here is mine, it's a small strotoscobic guitar tuner/development board for msp430 in 16 pin tssop package. Moved all the info to its own thread so I will only leave the rendered view here. More info at: http://www.43oh.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=1419
  8. Nice, I was waiting for the next POTM so I can submit my small project which I did last month. I will post an entry tomorrow after sleep and work.
  9. For measuring duty cycle you could do it quite easily with timer captures, There is a Atmel guide called "AVR135: Using Timer Capture to measure PWM duty cycle" which can be found easily with google (cannot post direct links because of the new account). the basics are the same for the msp430 as for the avr so maybe this will get you started. If you just need to measure the frequency one easy way is to use timer with the sensors signal connected to the timer clock input and using the timer as counter to count the pulses in some time period which is measured with for example watchdog timer
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