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  1. Same as silkscreen, only reversed. I used Fritzing to make this and used toner transfer method for both etch resist and "silkscreen". Turned out not bad. Pics to come.
  2. I had a few stumbles, but I'm super stoked with the MSP430! Bootloader from the factory, Energia, no BS in circuit implementation; I've made the switch! My first project is a solenoid valve controller. It's for a rock crusher; if the crusher jams the 43oh briefly reverses the hydraulic flow to clear the jam. It can also be used to run a log spliter back and forth without needing a kick off valve and without needing to manually start the forward stroke after each log. http://arduinoforgoodnotevil.blogspot.ca/2013/05/launchpad-msp430-hydraulic-auto-reverse.html
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