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  1. Problem with that is zinc is sacrificial protection, once that zinc layer has corroded off it's all over. Whereas a high nickel stainless probe won't corrode at all.
  2. Thanks! That's what I'm looking for, your thoughts and opinons. I too am wondering if feedback is even required; but then if you miss a step, glitch, whatever and the error compounds... Also, what if somebody wants to use a servo, then you must have feedback, no?
  3. I've seen the fishing line and spool before, but with a resolver. It had also had a plunger at both ends so the system would self calibrate every stroke to avoid compounding small errors. But the main criteria for this application is cheap and easy; discovery/experimentation type stuff...
  4. *DROOLS* when I grow up I'll have a Rigol 1052 too! Never been to Fargo myself, seems err, nice? Great Vid and demo, THANKS! Much cooler than my stone age car stopper. On the bright side, mine is VERY low power.
  5. What have you guys used for stepper motor position feedback? I'm aware of shaft encoders, hall effect sensors, magnet and reed switches... but haven't used any to actually get feedback/control. Code/Links appreciated (especially Energia sketches)! It's for use with a little open source 1000PSI hydraulic pump that I'm iterating. The stepper feedback is for accurate hydraulic flow measurement, which will help us zero in on hydraulic positioning (not an easy thing!) curious/interested (blogpost -no BS, no commercials): http://www.arduinoforgoodnotevil.blogspot.ca/2013/07/arduino-1000
  6. Thanks Igor, I'll have a peek at that. Why measure so frequently? Ignorance / sloppy thinking on my part. "but, these ones go to eleven..." Nails... meh, not for me. More of an aesthetics consideration than anything.
  7. DaveCad schematics, my favorite!
  8. As an aside; (and with all due reverence) what is with the 555? It seems there is a lot of false nostalgia around it. Why would I use a 555, build a special circuit, blah blah blah. When I can use a $1.87 43oh, avoid building a new circuit, and practice my programming? I understand there are many ways to skin a cat, but do any of you more experienced guys actually still use 555 for any reason other than nostalgia? not trolling, just a curious n00b.
  9. Wow! I had no idea about capacitive sensing; I have some interesting research to do. But, being more of a nuts-and-bolts guy than a ones-and-zeros guy I'm going to try Roadrunner84's simple and elegant solution, with a twist. I've got inconel stainless steel, this stuff is what they use for heating elements it's virtually indestructible at low temp. I'll try swapping anode and cathode and only taking a measurement every few minutes. A few weeks in a salty bath should qualify the fix... Bedankt voor de geweldige idee! and the code too :thumbup:
  10. Very Cool! Thanks for posting and providing all the additional details; this is easily adapted for other projects!
  11. Here's a trivial little controller that uses a Chinese soil moisture sensor, a relay and Adafruit solenoid valve to keep my wife's raised bed garden from dying. My thinking was that a timer is a stupid way to water a garden. What if it rains all spring (like it has been)? The MSP430's analog pin is used to monitor the sensor and then fires the relay to open the solenoid valve if the reading is too low. There's a 30 second delay in the void loop to keep the solenoid from floating... http://arduinoforgoodnotevil.blogspot.ca/2013/04/forget-to-water-your-garden-no-problem.html Un
  12. pin action delay to settle down bounce? like delay(50)? Doesn't the while loop take the value of retry from the previous loop? goes into this loop when the pressure spikes? then when retry 6 goes into following while loop? while (retry < 6 && digitalRead(forwardswitchPin) == LOW && digitalRead(reverseswitchPin) == HIGH && digitalRead(pressureswitchPin) == HIGH) { //try to clear the jam 5 times digitalWrite(reversePin, LOW); digitalWrite(forwardPin, HIGH); delay(1000); digitalWrite(forwardPin, LOW); delay(2000); digitalWrite (reverseP
  13. haha simpleAVR, I just about shot milk out of my nose. Bitcoin country, indeed! Sooooo, thanks for pointing out the problems; now how to fix 'em?
  14. Thanks cubeberg! It's working except: When the pressure switch goes high (crusher is jammed full of rocks) it shifts into reverse briefly then neutral and forward again. I want the controller to attempt to clear the jam 5 times and then pause for a few minutes to allow the hydraulic fluid to cool down. But currently, it just keeps trying to clear the jam until I turn it off... something wrong with my "while" loops?
  15. I made the switch! Not strictly a 43oh blog, but using the LaunchPad exclusively for the past 6 months. don't let the name fool you, think of it as a trojan horse ;-) http://www.arduinoforgoodnotevil.blogspot.ca/
  16. I posted a hydraulic crusher controller in the "Projects" forum. Not suprisingly, the amount of forum members interested in 43oh AND gold prospecting is zero. :!!!: I need help with the amount of retries that the controller attempts before it goes idle for a few minutes... Help? _____ 3.3V --| M |-- Ground P1_0 to ground thru 10k ohm --| S |-- P2_6 to ground thru 10k ohm P1_1 to ground thru 10k ohm --| P |-- P2_7 to ground thru 10k ohm P1_2 to ground thru 10k ohm --| 4 |--
  17. started new topic in "general" to ask for programming help. Thanks!
  18. In furtherance to the previous post of a hydraulic anti-jam project. Here's the whole e-waste recovery system working (almost) perfectly! arduinoforgoodnotevil.blogspot.ca/2013/06/msp430-powered-e-waste-crusher-and.html I am not a programmer. I wanted the MSP430 to attempt to clear the jam 5 times, then go into neutral to allow the hydraulics to cool down. It's not working. If I post the code is anyone willing to give me a little guidance?
  19. yeah, 100 x 80 is limiting. Speaking of libraries; I notice sparkfun, adafruit have Eagle libraries not Dip Trace... How available are the libraries for the two?
  20. N00b's (non-fanboy) perspective: setting aside the software quality/useability, Cadsoftusa (eagle) has Alexa ranking of 230k th with 1197 links, Diptrace 878k th with 432 links. Soooo, I'm thinking Eagle is the way to go in regards to N00b support? Or am I wrong?
  21. dressed and ready for work innards showing
  22. Yep, it's official; Fritzing is for chumps.
  23. I've been dragging my feet about learning to use Eagle; been effing with Fritzing for months and finally figured some decent work-arounds! Finished the first eagle video tutorial! AWESOME, thanks for the nudge!
  24. @@JWoodrell I tried that but Fritzing is not the greatest (what you see isn't what you get) and the relay traces are 120VAC... @@cde YES!
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