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  1. Got an interesting problem with my second kit.

    Turn on. No display. randomly mash buttons. displays 0000000 for split second, then blank.

    Check power and pin voltages... 

    1- 3V

    2-7 1.3V

    8-13 0.3V

    14-15 1.3V

    16 3V

    17-18 0V

    19 0.3V

    20 0V


    I assume I did something wrong like insert LEDs wrong way. Start cutting leads off (hate de-soldering)

    Bingo. LEDs light up missing a couple segments. LED installed correctly.


    Faulty/fried bubble module?

  2. Glad you like! More fun in the works!


    No, this came out of a gold mining machine. I'm re-purposing for something completely useless. ;-)


    As for varying loads, yes and no. 

    If you are talking lifts various weight of items, shouldn't make a difference because the cylinder volume is constant. You put in 3 litres of compressed air @ 30psi, the cylinder moves 500mm. You put in 3 litres of compressed air @ 200psi, the cylinder moves 500mm. The trick is, the 43oh needs to return to a known position (full retract, full extend, or limit switch) prior to changing the load.


    But if the load varies with stroke, like a pivoting boom, then there needs to be some fancy maths to figure it out. Because air is compressible, the 3 litres you put in @ 30psi gets compressed as pressure required to support the load increases.


    And, it'll be sloppy because air acts like a big spring under accelerating and decelerating loads.

    But I've got a few tricks up my sleeve to deal with that...

  3. Hi Guys! I've been toying with an idea, that I  didn't think would work, and set up a test jig.

    Using an air compressor, a solenoid valve, a flow meter and a 43oh I found that we can get a repeatable cylinder position, like +-2.5 mm! 

    The flow meter is measuring the volume of air that we've fed to the cylinder and the 43oh opens or closes a solenoid valve depending on the cylinder position.http://arduinoforgoodnotevil.blogspot.ca/2013/10/accurate-ish-pneumatic-cylinder.html


  4. Long story short: sometimes it works and sometimes it don't.

    I've read through every post related to the 43oh serial monitor in Energia. I've tried it on three different computers running XP and Windows 7. I'll get it to work, close the window, upload the sketch again and then the serial monitor won't work.


    MSP-EXP430G2 Rev 1.4; 2553 chip with RX TX jumpers kriss-crossed. 


    Any body else have same trouble? any suggestions? 


  5. lol I'm  not really that patient. i just started soldering, and before i knew it i was too far into this to let it die. :grin:


     i wish I had an oxy torch here for brazing but i dont even own a hammer, lol. im using a borrowed one.

    anyhow, glad u liked it!!


    Even more impressive! Thanks for showing us what great projects can be accomplished even without all the tools. Too often people put up false barriers; "I could do that, if only I had a 3D printer. If only I had a CNC mill. If only I could program..."


    :thumbup: Well done sir!

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