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  1. Hoi Joris, Nice to have another ' Dutch guy ' on the forum. Groeten uit Maarssen.
  2. Hallo, Problem is solved. I now use a Windows 10 computer and installed CCS 8. Thunderbirds are go... Greetings, Henk Siewert
  3. Hallo, I have ordered the MSP-EXP430FR2433 from TI. While I am waiting I have installed the MSP-EXP430FR2433 board. I opened the ASCIITable .ino in Energia and clicked the V button. I get the following errors: Energia: 1.6.10E18 (Windows XP), Board:"MSP-EXP430FR2433LP" I:\EnergiaIDE\arduino-builder -dump-prefs -logger=machine -hardware "I:\EnergiaIDE\hardware" -hardware "C:\Documents and Settings\hmjswt\Local Settings\Application Data\Energia15\packages" -tools "I:\EnergiaIDE\tools-builder" -tools "I:\EnergiaIDE\hardware\tools\msp430" -tools "C:\Documents and Settings\h
  4. @zeke This is a very interesting project. Doe you have any idea witch sensors you are going to use an how the communication will be. Maybe Bluetooth or serial ( RS485 )? I have very good results using the Analog TMP36 in monitoring different places in our garden. For logging I use Bluetooth and a PC with local MicroChip 24LC1025 EEPROM backup. I use home made boards with a MSP430G2553IN20 Henk Siewert.
  5. O ja, how about a wether station: Processing is perfect for this sort of things.
  6. Hallo, Why not program it yourself. If you can program a TI LaunchPad you can program almost anything... In Processing. It has a lot op functions. Including voice reporting on all functions and data is saved in .CSV file. In Python, live graphic. Why use third party software when you can do it yourself? Greetings from the Netherlands, Henk Siewert
  7. hmjswt

    A Newb Returns

    Hi Trigger, Go back to XP. Microsoft has dropped XP. So what? I am still using tree HP's on XP Pro behind an extra router / hardware firewall and Avast. Never any problem. Energia, and a lot of other stuff for programming embedded, runs perfectly. All those other operating system are just that much trouble. Don't dump something because someone tells you it is old. ( I am 70, so... ). I am still running some very ( even for now ) sophisticated weather, telescope and sun light/color measuring systems based on 2553's on a PC with BASIC! Still using the good old RS232C
  8. Hallo bakey, ( goeie morgen ;-)) ) How about this: I tested this on my MSP-EXP430G2 with a 2553 #include <SPI.h> void setup() { pinMode(LED, OUTPUT); Serial.begin(9600); } void loop() { double ding = 10.15; Serial.print( "<320;" ); Serial.print( ding ); Serial.println( ";" ); // String s = + String(ding) + String(";"); // Serial.println(s); delay( 1000 ); } Works OK. When I use String and + there are conversion errors!
  9. Hallo Neetee, The routines/functions are very generic. Maybe the I2C pins are different. But that is no problem. Just try it. That's the fun of experimenting.That;s why I love this as a hobby. If it is for money, pleas try it and you can pay me royalties. Come on, go for it. Greetings from a very sunny Netherlands.
  10. Hallo I am using this code for my 430G2553. /* LaunchPad EEPROM Author : Henk Siewert File : EEPROMTest Date : 27 september 2016 Version : 003 MCU : TI MSP430G2553 Memory : Microchip Language : Energia C++ Compiler : Energia 0101E0017 Systeem : Windows XP Pro SP3 Editor : NotePad++ WWW : http://www.swtcomp.com Pin 6 IC = SCL --> 9 LET OP! Nieuw in 17 Pin 5 IC = SDA --> 10 LET OP! Nieuw in 17 Pin 8 IC = VCC --> Vcc (3.3V) Pin 4 en 7 IC = GND --> GND 4,7K Pull up on pin 5 and 6 !!! Let op - Is jumper geplaatst? */ #include <Wire.h> // I2C library
  11. Hallo, To make is easy: buy a HC05 card and use the TX en RX. Keep it simple... What operating system are you using? Henk Siewert
  12. Hallo, This is nice. Thanks. Henk Siewert
  13. Hallo, Oh, that brings back so much memories. I used to program in FORTRAN. And still do. Here is my Flowchart template.
  14. Hi, Nice to read your commends. I thought I was the only one getting very tired of seeing old things being sold as new. I am using computers since 1967. And I have seen very little new things coming along. Ok, the systems are getting smaller and cheaper. But there is very little real innovation going on. Again and again thing that are already working for years are being renamed and relabeled and sold as something new. Especially programming languages. Just put a new wrapper on some old language and you can sell it as something new. Just glue a couple of things together and you can m
  15. Hallo, Very interesting. When I go to https://simplex1.wik...uction-Set.html I have to log in... Uh, help please... Henk Siewert
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