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  1. I found a code for generating clock and measuring here : http://forum.43oh.com/topic/2548-measuring-time-in-clocks-between-edges/ What do you think? It's ok ? Or this ? http://forum.43oh.com/topic/2548-measuring-time-in-clocks-between-edges/?p=21396
  2. @ kenyee : I have one classmate with the same project.. but he does not know how to do it . Thanks you all for advices !
  3. Yes, I have to buy the display . About using serial comm .. i don't know what to say .. sincerly i haven't heard about it .
  4. I have MSP430G2553 LaunchPad . I have Code Composer Studio 5.3.0. Display should be LCD or 7 segments . I asked my teacher if i can do my project like in this tutorial : http://www.pyroelectro.com/tutorials/digital_tachometer_rpm/parts.html with IR emitter diode and IR Detector ... and he said that this is difficult and that i should generate signal (for 0.2 seconds) on a pin of the microcontroller and connect with a wire to another pin of the microcontroller and make the conversion to rotations per minute .. and then.. display it . We are counting how many rotations are in 0.2 sec
  5. Unfortunately, my teacher doesn't help me very much ... He didn't learned us almost anything about microcontrollers but he espects from us to search on google and make this project . This is what he told me about how to make the signal generation : ... it's about setting two timers ... a formula about frequency ... external interrupt ... And, I think a different method is changing the duty cycle . I don't know what to do ... if i will not make this project, then i will not be able to give the exam, which is very hard .
  6. Hi everyone! I have to do a digital tachometer . Informations : - speed range : 300-600 rot/min ; - measuring time : 0,2 seconds ; - display resolution : 10*rot/min; - optical warning when overruning from 550 rot/min . My teacher said that i should generate a signal with two timers on a pin and then to convert it into rotations per minute . After that i should display it on 7segments or LCD display . I will be very grateful if you will help me with this project ! Thanks !
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