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  1. Well, im worked in this library a couple days, and i want to share it with all the members of this forum. It consist in a couple functions to make easy the use of this cheap module. The library its on github and all can download it from the next link https://github.com/chamakov/ultrasonico-energia All the documentation to use the library is located in the wiki area in github. Thanks to all!!
  2. hi, i have this code int AC_LOAD =RED_LED ; // Output to Opto Triac pin int dimming = 128; // Dimming level (0-128) 0 = ON, 128 = OFF void setup() { pinMode(AC_LOAD, OUTPUT);// Set AC Load pin as output attachInterrupt(1, zero_crosss_int, RISING); // Choose the zero cross interrupt # from the table above } // the interrupt function must take no parameters and return nothing void zero_crosss_int() // function to be fired at the zero crossing to dim the light { // Firing angle calculation : 1 full 50Hz wave =1/50=20ms // Every zerocrossing thus: (50Hz)-> 10ms (1/2 Cycle) For 60Hz => 8.33ms (10.000/120) // 10ms=10000us // (10000us - 10us) / 128 = 75 (Approx) For 60Hz =>65 int dimtime = (65*dimming); // For 60Hz =>65 delayMicroseconds(dimtime); // Off cycle digitalWrite(AC_LOAD, HIGH); // triac firing delayMicroseconds(10); // triac On propogation delay (for 60Hz use 8.33) digitalWrite(AC_LOAD, LOW); // triac Off } void loop() { for (int i=5; i <= 128; i++){ dimming=i; delay(10); } } but i dont know in which pin i have attached the interrupt, somebody can explain me in which pin its the attachinterrupt?
  3. HI! somebody can tellme in which pin its the interrupt for this routine? because in arduino the switch can be attached to digital pin 2 and 3, in the msp430 launchpad which pin is? Sorri for my bad english, i need to practice more =)
  4. Anybody knows if i can use the Timer1.h library in energia?
  5. Hi everybody !! i want to make a midi controller using my msp430 launchpad and energia, but i dont know if i can use a midi library in energia. anybody can help me, or explain to me how can i do this?
  6. Hi everybody again, now i need all the comunity to help me... i need to read a single pin on my launchpad and plot those information in matlab, somebody can help me to do this?? i read in arduino playground a piece of code to call analogread() from matlab, with lauchpad its the same or what can i do to do this?
  7. Thanks a lot, this information was so useful for mi work, now i have a half of my project =)
  8. Hi everybody, im new at this forum ant i love energia, a simple and fast ide for develope with the msp430 lauchpad. i have a question, its possible to make a bidirectional communication from lauchpad to pc using energia and matlab? anybody can explain to me how ca i do this?? thanks =)
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