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  1. Well, im worked in this library a couple days, and i want to share it with all the members of this forum. It consist in a couple functions to make easy the use of this cheap module. The library its on github and all can download it from the next link https://github.com/chamakov/ultrasonico-energia All the documentation to use the library is located in the wiki area in github. Thanks to all!!
  2. hi, i have this code int AC_LOAD =RED_LED ; // Output to Opto Triac pin int dimming = 128; // Dimming level (0-128) 0 = ON, 128 = OFF void setup() { pinMode(AC_LOAD, OUTPUT);// Set AC Load pin as output attachInterrupt(1, zero_crosss_int, RISING); // Choose the zero cross interrupt # from the table above } // the interrupt function must take no parameters and return nothing void zero_crosss_int() // function to be fired at the zero crossing to dim the light { // Firing angle calculation : 1 full 50Hz wave =1/50=20ms // Every zerocrossing thus: (50Hz)-> 10ms (1/2 Cycle) F
  3. HI! somebody can tellme in which pin its the interrupt for this routine? because in arduino the switch can be attached to digital pin 2 and 3, in the msp430 launchpad which pin is? Sorri for my bad english, i need to practice more =)
  4. Anybody knows if i can use the Timer1.h library in energia?
  5. Hi everybody !! i want to make a midi controller using my msp430 launchpad and energia, but i dont know if i can use a midi library in energia. anybody can help me, or explain to me how can i do this?
  6. Hi everybody again, now i need all the comunity to help me... i need to read a single pin on my launchpad and plot those information in matlab, somebody can help me to do this?? i read in arduino playground a piece of code to call analogread() from matlab, with lauchpad its the same or what can i do to do this?
  7. Thanks a lot, this information was so useful for mi work, now i have a half of my project =)
  8. Hi everybody, im new at this forum ant i love energia, a simple and fast ide for develope with the msp430 lauchpad. i have a question, its possible to make a bidirectional communication from lauchpad to pc using energia and matlab? anybody can explain to me how ca i do this?? thanks =)
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