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  1. Funny.. I changed twi.c line 249 thinking that i can't lose anything, now its working By the way yes my itg was getting the VDD from VCC port of the launchpad, close to 3.5V. But the signals were always like that, never a real square wave.
  2. Yes exactly like you said. even the single byte read operation requires a repeated start condition. This is the read sequence in the ITG3200 data sheet https://www.sparkfun.com/datasheets/Sensors/Gyro/PS-ITG-3200-00-01.4.pdf And this is the corresponding part unsigned char itgRead(char address, char registerAddress) { //This variable will hold the contents read from the i2c device. unsigned char data=0; //Send the register address to be read. Wire.beginTransmission(address); //Send the Register Address Wire.write(registerAddress); //End the communication sequence. W
  3. Oh and i just realise this part char DLPF_CFG_0 = 1<<0; char DLPF_CFG_1 = 1<<1; char DLPF_CFG_2 = 1<<2; char DLPF_FS_SEL_0 = 1<<3; char DLPF_FS_SEL_1 = 1<<4; is not the arduino registers but the configuration for the registers inside the gyro. So i added the Wire.Write part realising that it also configures the sample rate. But still i get 0 0 0. I really don't know what i'm missing here...
  4. As i mentioned previously in another discussion, i have a project that has an ITG3200 digital output gyroscope that communicates through I2C. After i struggle a lot in the MSP registers, i found it easier to use the Arduino libraries which provides a lot on wire so thanks to energia https://www.sparkfun.com/products/9801 This is the gyro product that i'm using and they also provided an Arduino example here https://www.sparkfun.com/tutorials/265 My circuit is quite simple. Since gyro is working near 3V and luckily 2553 has the same output VCC i had no problems with that. Gyro input VLogi
  5. I fixed this issue with just the folder name as `energia`. But the real important part was that there is a properties on control panel about languages which is on The part Region and languages -> Administrative that selects the Current language for non-unicode programs. I changed it into English(United States) and i got rid of every non-unicode characters. Hope this can help for others until a fix released
  6. Hello, i'm still trying to fix this issue on Energia. I put my file inside c\Energia\ removed '-' i even tried to rename the file into "ENERG?~1" but no luck so far. I don't think there is any file path in preferences.txt either, any ideas? Edit: Using ver 0101E0009 which should be the latest version according to the official website.
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