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  1. That's what I thought and I'm not planning to spend that money on a simple screwdriver set But thanks for the info. I'll look at the store to see any good deal
  2. I'm looking also for a new screwdrivers precision kit. How much cost one from Wiha on online markets?
  3. But those are the exception that confirms the rule :mrgreen: I haven't used any of the Wiha screwdrivers, but those are so good that worse the money they costs?
  4. But I want to have something to work on at home. I don't have that much confidence with him to ask him to teach me soldering and to lend me that... I could ask him some tips, but that's just it... On Monday morning I'm free and I'm planning to go to his "office" to ask help on choosing the right iron and some professional tricks when removing SMD components.
  5. I'mj the only one on my circle of friends who have interest on this kind of things (what is pretty strange since I'm on an Electric Engeniering course ) and I don't know anyone who have a basic soldering iron. I know a guy who fixes TV's and things like that, but he have a working station with a lot of addons and haven't used any basic one on his life...
  6. I know that's a great tool to have on the tool box, almost like a philips screwdriver, but the problem is the cost. A good soldering iron is a lot more expensive than a good kit of screwdrivers But I'll try to buy a good one the next week (if they were right about the stock's arrival). It don't have an holder, but it will do his work, I hope
  7. I'm after one with a sharp tip. Here in Portugal we call them "pencil tip irons". I have already a roll of solder, solder wick, a flux pen, tweezers and a couple of sidecutters. What I really need is a soldering station and space to put it. As I don't have space and don't want to spend a lot of money on a soldering kit (I don't see myself soldering a lot of stuff, at least for now) I just want a simple iron. I guess that it should serve me for now...
  8. I have here an old and broken motherboard that I thought before to practice on, but all the components are too small. If I try to unsolder anything I don't have how to put that small thing of the board I really need to buy a decent soldering iron (today I went to the store where I usually buy electronic components but the iron I want was sold out and I need to wait) and then practice with a broken TV I have on my grandmother's house. Maybe I'll put it working :-D
  9. But I don't want to spend a lot money on soldering stuff... My iron have a removable tip but I searched all the electronic/DIY stores I know here on my area and they don'thave tips for that type of iron... I have an arduino UNO on the go (it might arrive today), but i'm planing to use this on my car as a parking sensor... I think I'll search for a cheap Leonardo on ebay and then I'll try to remove the chip on this one.
  10. I know it is. I need to get a new soldering iron too. The one I have has it's tip oxided and I can't get it working well even if I try to sand it...
  11. But I have absolutely almost no skills on soldering DIP components. Much less with SMD... I don't know if this was jealousy by the chip because this happens right after I bought an Arduino UNO to use in University...
  12. Today, after tested a 9V powersuply, I tried to run an Arduino Leonardo using that powersuply. Right after I plugged it on the wall I heard some really fast "tic-tacs" and plugged it off right next. Put the finger on top of the chip and it was really really hot. Conclusion: a fried Arduino :cry: And now I can't change the chip (my soldering skills are not much above zero :oops: ). If anyone is interested on the board to try to repair it please contact me. I'm from Portugal.
  13. Oh that's easy. I'll try that to see if the crystal is good or not. Thank you once again and good vacations Hope I don't need to bother you again :oops:
  14. Now I'm out of home, but when I get back I'll try that "nop" and see what happen. About the crystal (I have another one arround here and I'll test that), how can I make a test if it's good or not without that RTC trick?
  15. Where's that function you're mentioning? It's on the "library" i2c.h? I'm searching there and theres only 3 functions commented: "static void __inline__ brief_pause(register uint16_t n)", "void i2c_init()" and "uint8_t i2c_exists()". Are these one you'r talking about? So, the best way is to activate those delays on the beggining to check if there's a problem with those? I don't think so. The mcu seems that's working and maybe the RTC is working too, but I can only check that after I get this working properly Thank you for all the patience :oops:
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