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  1. hi Pimmel, in P15 for the small change, it says : 1. Freeze the
  2. Hi, thanks oPossum ! i will try your good idea this night. Yan, if you want more detail in french, you can use my blog : http://f4dtr.wordpress.com/2013/09/18/pilotage-dun-si570-par-arduino-ou-energia/ but, i think you have already a good understanding to SI570, I do not pretend to innovate... bye, Jean-Yves. F4DTR.
  3. HI ! for new Cheat Sheet, I miss a lot of time right now. but promised they will be coming soon ! and for ham radio : look my code to drive SI570 on : http://forum.43oh.com/topic/4380-share-change-frequency-to-si570-dxo-on-i2c-not-fully-fonctionnal/ bye. Jean-Yves. F4DTR.
  4. Hi all ! On another thread (cheat sheet thread), I have explain I use launchpad for driving a SI570. some of you have need I share my work. it's ok... ;-) look attachment file. For understand my work, i preconise to read the datasheet. The SI570 have 2 mode for change frequency, i use the "long" mode. I recalc all parameters in every change frequency. But i simplify the calcul by the systematic use of initial frequency in place of read all registers for determinize actual ferquency to recalc new freq. (I think attiny/softrock already uses this trick.) but, I have 2 problems (in Fxtal
  5. Hello All ! for program to SI570, my code is "simple, fast and ugly" ! but the code is ok for initialisation and slow loop between 2 frequency. I don't have my program's pc this week, but, i share my code this weekend (after clean :shh: ;-) , add comments and translate variable name). @Keith : I already had the similar problem with my Softrock on oscillator building step. The startup or powerup frequency are programmed in to the NVM at the factory, obtain an oscillation to is normal if power is ok. But, if (like me) your SI570 have bad solder on SDA or SCL pin, you can not change
  6. Hello, for responses : Color : B/W version (with lighter background) is pertinent request. it's ok, but for the next release (september). Paper Format : the format of this sheet is A3, A3 = 2 x A4. it's same think to US letter/Tabloid format. I used this format to keep all informations at hand. I glue this page on a carton, my students use it to protect the table during the workshops. For the next release, I will pay attention to be able to bend 2, i will insert a marker for more facility. i think to scale this sheet on Ledger/Tabloid format it's possible. no ? (297
  7. Hello Steve, sorry for delay, but I was on vacation, Children, Canoes and sun but (little) radio too : i connected my launchpad to sis570 of SDR Ensemble by i2c wire.. it's a quick and cheap hack that helped me for test a filter. Thank you for your share proposition, i'm honored, your cursus program is very very interesting. If you need help, my (modest) mind is your. For next update, i will insert temperature library on my chart. 72, Jean-Yves. F4DTR
  8. Hello Steve, thank you ! I create this sheet because i'm teaching electronics bases in a french hackerspace. Electronics discovery, U=RI,
  9. You are welcome ! the next version will uploaded for september. I will prepared 2 cheat sheets, 1 for MSP430 family and another for Stellaris/TivaC. I would like insert few specific library for Stellaris (USB, Port control, etc..) follow this thread ! and, if you have another suggests, don't hesitate.
  10. Sorry ! this document is not open source, in fact, the images are CC-BY-NC-SA (Creative Commons). I modify in the day, and then you can use it. Jean-Yves. F4DTR.
  11. Yes of course, if you want This document is open source ! and, i can transmit the MS Visio Source if necessary. I'm happy to help. Jean-Yves f4dtr
  12. Hi, I created a cheat-sheet for Launchpad, based on http://www.cheat-sheets.org/#Arduino'>
  13. Thanks, i go read this another forum. i'm looking for an another solution, or, if not, i must read a new time the datasheet... but GPIO paragraph is not clear for me (my bad english, maybe...) Energia is a wonderfull program, the hardware abstract level is very comfortable. i was hoping use my stellaris with a minimum effort. but it's not totaly true. logic ! the magic commands don't exist maybe..hum. Why there is no command (in arduino/energia) to toggle the state of a port at one time ? mystery ! thanks for reading, best regards, JY
  14. Hi Guy ! I trying to programming an emulator of UV-PROM with the Stellaris Launchpad. and, i have a problem with use port. I probably not understand the concept. please help me ! I use #define for "replacement" of lot of commands : // like P2OUT on MSP430 ? #define BUSDATA GPIO_PORTB_BASE //(like P2DIR =B00000000 ?) #define BUSDATA_HIGHZ ROM_GPIOPinTypeGPIOInput(GPIO_PORTB_BASE, GPIO_PIN_0 | GPIO_PIN_1 | GPIO_PIN_2 | GPIO_PIN_3 | GPIO_PIN_4 | GPIO_PIN_5 | GPIO_PIN_6 | GPIO_PIN_7 ); //(like P2DIR =B11111111 ?) #define BUSDATA_OUTPUT ROM_GPIOPinTypeGPIOOutput(GPIO_PORTB_BASE, GPI
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