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  1. I use MSP430G2 laughpad. Energia version 012. I use remote library to control led on Laughpad. So i have some question, can i use low power mode to save energy and remote library intime. Please help to solve this problem
  2. Hi I use MSP 430G2553 Laughpad V1.5, Energia version E0012. So when i use Flash_read_write is very difficult. Hard to save value to segment of MSP. I have code in CCS, i test it and see it good. And then i convert this code to energia, i see have some mistake. I dont know what this. I think is Watdog, but i cant replace this mictake. Please see and check it for me. Thank Code CCS #include "msp430g2553.h" #include "stdio.h" #include "Library/UART.h" #include "Library/Flash.h" void main(void) { unsigned char Temp[5],TempD[5]; long gtri,temp,temp1; char buff[50]; char i; P1DIR|=BIT6; WDT
  3. i have just use energia new version, so i use example flash on it, kit msp laughpad dont work with it, the old version is good. please help me, thanks
  4. I have just use Energia version E0012, but the example Flash dont work like old version, please check it. Thanks
  5. Pls check, i cant compile your program, erros in public: EtherEncLib(unsigned int port); thanks alot
  6. My program use touch and IR control #include <IRremote.h> #include <CapTouch.h> int RECV_PIN = 15; #define LEFT_BUTTON P2_1 #define DOWN_BUTTON P2_2 #define RIGHT_BUTTON P2_3 #define UP_BUTTON P2_4 #define MIDDLE_LED P1_6 // IR 1(TH) 2(GND) 3(VCC) IRrecv irrecv(RECV_PIN); decode_results results; int buttonState = 0; uint16_t measured, base; /* Delta can be negative */ int16_t delta; uint8_t ktra; uint8_t state = false; uint16_t doluong; CapTouch left = CapTouch(LEFT_BUTTON, TOUCH_BUTTON); CapTouch down = CapTouch(DOWN_BUTTON, TOUCH_BUTTON); CapTouch right = CapTouch(RIGH
  7. why we cant use library touch and IRemote in same skecht?
  8. May be, my Laughpad has problem SPI, i use Stellaris laughpad to control TFT 2'2 with Mikro C ARM, thanks ROGs alot
  9. I have lcd http://www.elecfreaks.com/wiki/index.php?title=2.2S%22_TFT_LCD:_TFT01-2.2S#TFT01_Family but i use RobG code dont display anything. I use MSP430G2553 laughpad. Connect pin as file config CCS compile well. please help
  10. I have R 10k in SDA and SCL, so that board works well with CCS code. In CCS code, I dont setting put up in P1.6, P1.7. Finally, i have to put 2 R in SDA & SCL to work with Energia code? Thanks a lot
  11. Hi everybody. I use library wire and lcd to read DS1307. Sometime system working, but i dont know why sometime, system dont read data from ds1307. And then i unplug SDA wire, and plug again system is working. I dont understand, please help me. My code #include <Wire.h> #include <LiquidCrystal.h> LiquidCrystal lcd(P2_0, P2_1, P2_2, P2_3, P2_4, P2_5); int clockAddress = 0x68; // This is the I2C address ds1307 int command = 0; // This is the command char, in ascii form, sent from the serial port long previousMillis = 0; // will store last time Temp was updated byte second
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