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  1. Hey all, thanks for the advice, comments, and thoughts. For those interested, I tried the following things: 1. msp430-strip stripped symbols, making the objects smaller, but did not affect the loaded flash size :-( 2. @@Rickta59 I actually ran across that makefile while Googling around, looks really good. As it happened, I turned on verbose mode in Energia, and rolled my own build script. 3. As was mentioned earlier, removing floats from the code yielded the best results at a whopping 6kB savings! So, that's pretty awesome, but annoying that I had to eliminate them. Doing trig fr
  2. For the sake of testing today, I ended up just forcing a 2-byte read, and throwing away the extra byte. Really hokey, but got me through today's testing. When I get a spare moment, I'll try to do similar to the USCI fix.
  3. Hi all, I was wondering if modifying the compiler flags was easily possible? I have a program that is really tiptoe-ing the maximum program size for my FR5739, and when I add some extra functionality, it goes overboard by 1-2k. I think some of this is due to some extra bloat that Energia adds, but for the simplicity of getting up and running, alongside the sweet already-created libraries, it's totally worth it. So, before I go out and re-design a board with a different chip, I was wondering if there were some freebies I should look into. I think I've removed as much extra co
  4. Hi all, I've noticed a similar problem on the MSP430FR5739 (reading 1 byte causes the SDA line to stay low, whereas reading 2+ bytes works like a charm). I was hoping the fix that was recently merged in would solve everything, but it didn't apply to my board (ifdef'd out) :? While investigating, I noticed an inconsistency in some of the ISR logic, making me wonder if all single byte reads should have an edge-case marked off. In the twi.c file, in the ISR, there is this piece of code: void USCI_B0_ISR(void) { .... case USCI_I2C_UCRXIFG0: // USCI I2C Mode: UCRXIFG0 UCB0IFG
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