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  1. I am new to CCS and am extremely frustrated in trying to make it work on Windows 7. I must be doing something very wrong. I have attempted to install CCS v6.0.1 three times on my Win7 machine. I have turned antivirus off as well as Windows Firewall. I installed it, connected my Launchpad EK-LM4F120XL to get a green power LED, and updated the software. My device manager has always shown COM5 for the Stellaris Virtual Serial Port, and it also shows the two Stellaris ICDI devices (DFU and JTAG/SWD) as working properly. I have tried different USB ports all with the same result. I know th
  2. Greg, I forgot to give you an update on the delivery of the completed controller board - received it on 18 April (one week ago...time has gotten away from me!). Thanks so much! Jon
  3. Awesome project. "Nice work" to everyone involved!!!
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