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  1. Dang it. Didn't reload eclipse. Compiled mspdebug myself (linux) and couldn't fathom why the 2955 wasn't making the list. Thanks.
  2. Are you the maintainer of the eclipse plugin http://xpg.dk/projects/msp430/msp430-eclipse/ ? Couldn't find your source code anywhere so that I could add MSP430G2955 to the list of selectable micros in eclipse.
  3. Figured it out! Totally forgot to check the current state in the state machine. Thanks for pointing this out. Just so everyone (internet) knows, ensure that you follow typical esd procedures, as it seems these nrf24L01 chips are prone, in at least my experience, to shocking (and the resulting death). Had two bad chips (thankfully bought 4). Also had mosi and miso swapped. Leds are now happily blinking.
  4. Two things: The attached files main.c, and others point to nrf testdebug.txt (at least with firefox and chrome). Most likely will have to start a new thread but spirilis' code doesn't appear to work with msp430g2553's at least with ike's examples. (My hardware is fine, as since spirilis' code for the energia works perfectly) Have attempted to use both RF24_SPI_DRIVER_USCI_B and A (commenting each userconfig.h file accordingly). Swapped the necessary pins. Don't know what else could be wrong? Any help would be great. Note: Code stalls at if (rf_irq & RF24_IRQ_FLAGGED) { i
  5. What's the error message? With my guide there should be minimal folder/file movement and only 14 includes (7 GCC[4 workspace, 3 codesourcery], 7 Assem[4 workspace, 3 codesourcery]). Like I said, I was able to get it working in Linux, and I documented it along the way (guide=documentation).
  6. Didn't know that! Its a good chip. Have 2 at home waiting to be used for a project I've yet to pick. If anyone is interested in owning one of those chips you can of course buy the mouse or buy one of ebay for $2.20 if your willing to wait 3 weeks to get it.
  7. Yep need the dev openocd as since v6 only includes stm32f0. No other version has it. Sorry for forgetting libusb-dev and automake. Those must have already been installed with my stm32f4 stlink installation. Make sure you have added the includes to both GNUC and assembly in step 5 part 4. Also make sure to "Copy stm32f0xx_conf.h from an example project in the STM32f0 firmware package to the Template/src/ folder" And you posted a screenshot of the debug configurations. Do you have a problem with configuring the debug configuration? Get any further?
  8. Errata: board folder does truly not exist. Was a leftover folder when I was trying to get everything working. Don't need it. Added a step to further clarify the creation of the custom run configuration OpenOCD Debug. Oppa hope this helps.
  9. INTRODUCTION This guide's intent and purpose is to allow a user with minimal Linux experience to successfully setup an absolutely free development environment to program the STM32F0 microcontroller with full debugging capability. PREREQUISITES A Linux distro, I used Linux Mint 13 (Ubuntu works nicely too) An Internet connection At least 2gb of spare hard drive space Familiarity with terminal A STM32F0 Discovery Board! PART 1 – Install Codesourcy PART 2 – Install OpenOCD PART 3 – Install Eclipse PART 4 – Setup File Directory PART 5 – Setup Eclipse PART 6 – Configure the gd
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