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    Sleepwalker.. to your credit, I figured I'd make a BoosterPack for the nokia 1202 as a test. Looks like it came out good. i forgot the numbering though on the PCB. If you want PM me your address, I'll send over the Boosterpack and an LCD. Credit to the dangerous prototypes forum thread and toxic239/opossum's code.
    Also, mechg, if you would like to try these out for your powerscope, let me know.. I'll send over a set.

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    Sleepwalker3 got a reaction from roadrunner84 in PowerScope   
    @Bluehash - Have you considered using the dirt cheap Nokia displays that some have used over at DP (including at least a couple of projects using a 430). They can be had for $1.09 and are graphics displays and can be used for plain text.
    @Pabigot - I would be happy to solder it all up for youand test it, if you would be willing to send me the bits for 2 and I keep one and send you a constructed one.
    edit - added link
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