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    Thanks Bluehash, hopefully this will give an alternative for the powerscope and other projects, as it certainly reduces the LCD cost below what people were hoping for and probably gives more room to boot.
  2. Sleepwalker3


    Thanks Bluehash, looks good, glad I could contribute. Don't want to hijack this thread, but I think these little things look great for those projects where you want something dirt cheap, fairly small, but with a decent level of info on the screen. Hopefully you guys will get some decent use out of them I've put a mention up in the thread over on DP, as certainly the credit for the CLS stuff goes to Greeeg, Toxic239, Opossum and Matseng (and probably others I've missed) over on the DP forum, for their various works with this, and of course Ian and the DP team. Would be nice to see one
  3. Sleepwalker3


    Yes it has a backlight (LED) and if you read through the posts you'll find links to some code the guys have used on 430's, so I'm sure it would be simple for you guys to get something running with it. Also a few suppliers noted there. Note that the Ebay suppliers charge about $3 or $4 for these, but Mats found another supplier that sold him 20 for $1.09 each (listed in one of the latter posts). I got one of these about a year ago, but haven't got to using it yet unfortunately. You can fit a lot of information and / or pictures on them (as shown in some of the posts) and they're a good little u
  4. Sleepwalker3


    @Bluehash - Have you considered using the dirt cheap Nokia displays that some have used over at DP (including at least a couple of projects using a 430). They can be had for $1.09 and are graphics displays and can be used for plain text. http://dangerousprototypes.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=3486 @Pabigot - I would be happy to solder it all up for youand test it, if you would be willing to send me the bits for 2 and I keep one and send you a constructed one. edit - added link
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