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  1. Thanks for the info, but after going thru the data sheet I've been unsuccessful in finding the info on ports with per pin intterrupts vs ports with a single interrupt. Can you point me at the right section of the data sheet?
  2. Hi all, Not sure if this is an Energia issue or a Arm limitation or a .... But I'm trying to enable interrupts on 7 pins. Im using Energia's attachInterrupt and everything works almost...when I test things out one pin always seems to not cause an interrupt. It seems the last pin I enable an interrupt on will not work. Which pin is immaterial, I can change the order and its always the last pin. The other thing that happens is after a bit, it does not mater which pin that causes the interrupt it always goes to the same handler. I figure maybe there is a limitation on how many interrupts c
  3. I thought it would be pretty straight forward to use the accelStepper lib. First issue was the current release of energia had problems with the inclusion of the math libraries...no problem I grabbed the latest source and compiled it (lots of didling to get all the right libraries but eventually i got there). Started energia, works fiine. Tried some examples, no problem. Then I tried using the accelStepper lib, it compiled fine but when I load it....nothing. the board is dead. I mixed the code with the led blink example and played around a bit and it seems a soon the accelStepper constructor m
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