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  1. Just spotted today. Latest : CCSv5.3.x Release : 5.3.0 Built # : Date : Nov 19, 2012 Previous : CCSv5.2.x Release : 5.2.1 Built # : Date : July 16, 2012 Link -> http://processors.wi...hp/Download_CCS
  2. Currently I don't think you can buy TI Stellaris Cortex M4 chips yet, and its not even in the production stage yet. Just fyi, the current latest Stellaris Launchpad board still using experimental release, check this out -> http://forum.stellarisiti.com/topic/340-which-chip-revision-in-your-ek-lm4f120xl-stellaris-launchpad/
  3. Also in the TI's official launchpad workbook document, get it here -> http://software-dl.t...PadWorkbook.pdf , its clearly stated, quoting page 2-8 (or page 42) :
  4. Yeah, that is expected, but what if those $13 owners still receiving the same A3 rev ic ? Thanks, seems like the poster (sn00p) was participating in a early days of TI Arm production, too bad no specific info regarding this M4F core generation. Maybe this TI's Arm Cortext M4F core generation is still so new, googled for "LX4F120H5QR" (not LM4F120H5QR) and the only reference I could find is here, at this thread.
  5. Hopefully they dried out the A3 stock and starting to use the B0 rev on the new batch. Please update us once you received those latest batch will ya ?
  6. Not sure, the reason I'm asking this is after reading the errata document that I pointed at the 1st post, it mentions there is a B0 revision which is newer than A3 like ours. Just read it youself, there are still few nasty bugs that already fixed in B0 revision, but not in early rev at A1 and A3.
  7. Just curious if anyone got newer or even older one , my board is using the e"X"perimental release LX4F120H5QR with revision A3. Fyi, the link for latest errata document, LM4F120H5QR RevA1/A3 Errata (Rev. D) document -> http://www.ti.com/litv/pdf/spmz611d
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