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  1. BravoV

    A new Tiva C LaunchPad about to be Announced!!!!!

    Here .. some teaser to cool your nerves down.
  2. BravoV

    Google+ Ti Stellaris Launchpad

    +1 , its like ... "Hi ... I'm nobody, just create a new hang out place for Tiva C/ Stellaris launchpad community, I don't have anything special to offer, its you that have to contribute first, join us" Just another fucking spammer, ban and delete please.
  3. Are you sure you're browsing at the correct forum ? Here, let me help you, click here -> http://www.coocox.org/Forum/index.php
  4. BravoV

    FREE TI Launchpad ... hurry !

    Yeah, it was easily expected, thats why I was emphasizing to use it asap. But look at the bright side, the extra exposure from Hackaday on this forum is a good thing though. <winking to @bluehash> No problem John, glad to hear that you're about to receive them, have fun.
  5. BravoV

    FREE TI Launchpad ... hurry !

    UPDATE : It looks like the coupon code is no longer valid. -- ADMIN EDIT-- Below is a statement from TI. --ADMIN EDIT Ok, not actually free, but I think this deal should be good enough for everybody, just see for yourself my invoice below, not bad eh ? A 25$ coupon code from Texas Instruments. Coupon code: National-1yr Its valid until 30-September. https://estore.ti.com Ordered two EK-TM4C123GXL launchpads for just $0.98 and with free shipping !
  6. Hmm ... looks like mine will be the rare collector item someday.
  7. This kind of thread become an epic isn't it ? Made similar thread while ago here for Stellaris LaunchPad -> http://forum.stellarisiti.com/topic/340-which-chip-revision-in-your-ek-lm4f120xl-stellaris-launchpad/ , because TI is still using eXperimental chip at their LaunchPad product. Now, with the new Tiva C series, even though it has a beefier chip (with hardware PWM & QEI) than previous Stellaris version, still they're using the "X" chip XM4C123GH6PMI6. Really wonder if the LaunchPad product will ever used a true production released batch mcu ? The photo below should be self explanatory, and yes, the ICDI part is also using the exact same part XM4C123GH6PMI6.
  8. BravoV

    Tiva-C shipping times

    I thought they're shipping now ? Mine arrived at early July, though it was ordered back in mid April, posted the box pic here -> http://forum.stellarisiti.com/topic/580-tiva-sighting/page-2#entry3409
  9. BravoV

    Tiva sighting

    Same here, arrived earlier, what is your batch code ? Mine as printed at the box.
  10. BravoV

    Tiva sighting

    Just checked TI web site on my order status, they moved the date to 07/12/2013.
  11. -> http://forum.stellarisiti.com/topic/580-tiva-sighting/
  12. BravoV

    New ARM community

    How about "ARMPit" , sounds fun !
  13. BravoV

    Tiva sighting

    My Tiva launchpad's estimated ship date at 06/15/2013, 2 months to go.
  14. BravoV

    Tiva sighting

    Yeah, it is the plain old LM4F230H5QR with the new name and new part number.