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  1. I have been using the Olimex MSP430-JTAG-ISO-MK2 successfully with gcc in eclipse for some time. Have recently installed CCSv6 but cannot get the Olimex JTAG to work. Comes up with the error "MSP430: Trouble writing Memory Block at 0x110 on Page 0 of length 0x46: Received malformed response packet (expected 0xbf, recieved 0xff)" Can anybody help?
  2. I renamed the file by including ".exe" as an extension and everything worked fine. Thanks for your suggestions.
  3. I purchased an MSP-EXP430F5529 Experimental Board and downloaded the User Experience Software for it. I expected to get a .zip file but instead got a file called MSP-EXP430F5529_UE-[1]. Can anyone tell me how I need to use this file to retrieve the software for the Experimenter Board?
  4. Yes this seems to work. It certainly gets into debug. I just need to learn a bit more about controlling things in debug. Thanks for your help. regards, Peter
  5. Under Project/properties/MSP430 I selected driver=olimex-iso-mk2, connection=TTY and com2, protocol=JTAG This made the "upload to target" work from the MSP430 menu. Under Run/debug configurations/GDB Hardware Debugging/PmfTrial1 Debug/Debugger I have GDB Command=${dk.xpg.msp430eclipse.variable.debugger}, use remote target ticked, JTAG device=Generic Serial, GDB Connection String=/dev/com2. However when I run debug it comes up with the error "Error while launching command: gdb --version" I suspect that "${dk.xpg.msp430eclipse.variable.debugger}" is not the correct entry for GDB Command
  6. Hi Paul, I still cannot get the "upload to target" to work from the MSP430 menu, but I can upload using the following from a .bat file. mspdebug olimex-iso-mk2 -d com2 -j "prog PmfTrial1.elf" This allows me to now run my target board, but I still can't run in debug mode. Cheers, Peter
  7. I've installed the update but still cannot upload to target board. It comes up with the error "usbutil unable to find a device matching 15ba:0100" I'm wondering if I have some incorrect settings somewhere. I'm running with Windows 8 and installed Windows 32-bit msp430-toolchain-win-x86-3.0. Program "PmfTrial1" compiles OK. Under "Create, manage, and run configurations" C/C++ Application/PmfTrial1 Debug the GDB debugger = gdb and GDB command file = .gdbinit. GDB Hardware debugging/PmfTrial1 Debug under Debugger GDB Command = gdb${dk.xpg.msp430eclipse.variable.debugger}${buil
  8. Hi Paul, I have selected the olimex-iso driver with USB connection and JTAG protocol. Peter
  9. I have installed your plugin and can successfully build programs. However I cannot upload to a target board. I'm using an Olimex MSP430-JTAG-ISO-mk2 and can successfully upload programs when using both IAR EW for MSP430 and Code Composer Studio but cannot get it to work for MSPGCC. When I try to upload with MSPGCC it comes up with the error "Upload has encountered a problem. usbutil: unable to find a device matching 15ba:0008". Do you have any suggestions of what I need to do to overcome this problem?
  10. I have attached an archive of my very simple project which keeps coming up with the error make ***[main.o] error 1 PeterPmfTrial9Archive.zip
  11. I have tried cleaning the project but does not remove the error. The very simple program is shown below together with the error report. regards, Peter /* * main.c * PmfTrial9 * * Created on: 23 Mar 2013 * Author: Peter */ #include <msp430x16x.h> int main(void){ volatile unsigned int i; WDTCTL = WDTPW | WDTHOLD; //stop WDT P1DIR |= 0x01; //set P1.0 to output direction while(1){ i += 1; } } Description Resource Path Location Type make: *** [main.o] Error 1 C/C++ Problem make: [clean] Error 1 (ignored) C/C++ Problem
  12. I am working with Windows 8 and have installed the eclipse plugin and the mspgcc toolchain. I then created a very simple msp430 project which I know to be error free. This compiles correctly reporting no errors. If I then insert an extra line of code which has errors the errors are reported correctly. If I now remove this line of code so that the code is back to the error free version and compile I always get the error make ***[main.o]Error 1. Has anybody got any suggestions?
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