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  1. Hello, I can work with you to figure out a solution. I think what may be required is to bring the Energia MSP432 board support into the Arduino IDE as a workaround. You can also use Energia inside of Code Composer Studio which should work with your version of MacOS
  2. Did anyone see the Hackster Live annoucement? They are recruiting ambassadors to host hardware meetups worldwide. If being a local community leader sounds interesting you should consider applying. https://www.hackster.io/live Also post and share your 43oh projects on Hackster, it is a great platform to get eyes on your work! https://www.hackster.io/ti-launchpad/
  3. 432 is here to stay. Expect to see more devices with a variety of memory, speed, peripheral, and package options. If you are building with a blend of performance and low power in mind, MSP432 can get you there. Did you see it's going to Antarctica?
  4. The BLE team doesn't appear to have released all the software examples quite yet. It seems this is more of a soft launch at the moment. Examples will come available through Resource Explorer in CCS and CCS Cloud (dev.ti.com). In the meantime you can try to adapt the CC2650 SensorTag example code and app to the LaunchPad. Thanks for your patience!
  5. Hello! Hope you find the course and 43oh community rewarding!
  6. Hi! There is a new starter kit available with some examples. You can find it at www.energia.nu/sidekick. There are also many tuturials under the Energia Guide page www.energia.nu/guide.
  7. Hi! Recommend Energia if you are new to programming the LaunchPad. Your project is not too difficult, logic is IF sensor threshold exceeded, then turn LED on. Else, turn LED off. Research your sensor you wish to use and there is probably example code available. If it is Arduino code, you can usually use this with Energia.
  8. Bad example because looks like they only have 1 G2 LaunchPad left, but you could get some Grove modules or the Grove starter kit for LaunchPad.
  9. Looks like they are having Seeeday promotion at Seeedstudio. I don't quite get the concept but it looks like you can buy certain items now and earn a coupon that can be used on Dec 9. So you could get Buy One, Get One 1/2 off on G2 LaunchPad i think, but you have to redeem on Dec 9. http://www.seeedstudio.com/promotions/2015seeeday/index.php?utm_source=seeed&utm_medium=announcement&utm_campaign=2015Seeeday http://www.seeedstudio.com/depot/TI-MSPEXP430G2-LaunchPad-p-2188.html
  10. https://www.hackster...SIoTMegaContest You can enter the contest with a TI LaunchPad to win some sweet Amazon hardware products.
  11. https://www.hackster.io/challenges/AWSIoTMegaContest You can enter the contest with a TI LaunchPad to win some sweet Amazon hardware products.
  12. 43oh Community! Have you checked out Hackster? It is a great place to share your embedded projects. Import from 43oh.com or post directly. https://www.hackster.io/ti-launchpad/projects Follow TI LaunchPad, give respect to other makers, and comment/chat with project owners. Hackster is giving away a few TI LaunchPads and Wi-Fi BoosterPacks on their store https://www.hackster.io/store You can apply for the giveaways by participating on Hackster to earn points and also completing the actions. Sign up and contribute today and win some free stuff!
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