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  1. Are the the Launchpad MSP430 boards not supported anymore? This version doesn't work for me with MSP430 Launchpad board with 2553 on OSX 10.11.6. Compiles OK but get 'can't find libusb' error when trying to upload. Old version of Energia works fine. TIA
  2. Get the error shown below when uploading. Seems to want an old usblib library?? I tried an old version of Energia (0101E0015) and it works fine ! I can also upload to a new MSP432 board in the new version without a problem. -------- dyld: Library not loaded: /opt/local/lib/libusb-0.1.4.dylib Referenced from: /Users/ian/Downloads/Energia.app/Contents/Java/hardware/tools/msp430/bin/mspdebug Reason: image not found An error occurred while uploading the sketch ---------- Platform is OSX 10.11.6 Any idea how to fix this? TIA
  3. thanks for all the great info- looks like removing the jumpers has fixed it.Running from a 3.8v(LM417L reg) ok.
  4. Thanks - I'm using a rev 1.5 board and the cap is there. I think I haven't disabled the reset line from the top part of the board so I'll try that next.
  5. Powering a Launchpad mSP430 from external 3.6v supply to 3-pin header, and I notice that sometimes the board doesn't reset when the power comes on. It works fine as far as I can tell from the USB port. Haven't managed to find anything about external power and reset in the docs as yet - in a bit of a panic as I have to fix this by tomorrow morning Any ideas appreciated TIA. Ian.
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