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    Lacto got a reaction from Fmilburn in OV7670 and MSP430   
    Hej guys (and gilrs also in case there are any),
    I am trying to connect a OV7670 (no FIFO) to a MSP430G2553 (3.3 V, 28 pins). As the OV7670 is only tolerant up to 2.8 V I use a MSP430G2231 at 2.8 V and ~11 MHz to feed the XCLK of the OV7670. Everything else should be handled by the 2553 (3.3 V). The 2231 works fine and I am listening to the output pins of the OV7670 with the 2553. The problem: there is nothing. Any ideas?
    Reset is at 0V
    3V3 is at 3.3 V
    GND is at 0 V
    The I2C pins have pull up resistors to 2.8 V
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    Lacto got a reaction from PTB in Is it just me or tonight TI doubled LaunchPad price?   
    It is not really "better". The chip itself ist better but with the MSP-EXP430F5529LP you get the FET for all SBW-MSPs. You can actually build your own device (with or without boosters) and program more than just the chip on the board.
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    Lacto reacted to RobG in MSP430G2553 Hardware SPI and ILI9341   
    It's probably because your USCI is not in synchronous mode, add UCSYNC.
    In addition, use 3 pin mode since you are not using UCA0STE (UCMODE_1) and SPI mode 1 (UCCKPH)
    UCA0CTL0 = UCMSB + UCMST + UCSYNC + UCCKPH; // 4-pin, 8-bit SPI master
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