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  1. this is a little confusing :-( i have make the math formula and it transforms the voltage in mbars and it shows the mbars in the lcd, but it displays it like float: volts=(analogRead(A0)*102.4); // transforms the reading in voltage vacuum=pow(10, 1.667*volts-11.33); // transforms the voltage in mbars lcd.setCursor(0,0); lcd.print(vacuum,8); i kind of understand the code, but i cant imagine how to implement in my code D:
  2. Hi everyone! im trying to make a vacuum sensor with msp430 and a lcd, the sensor gives me an output from 0 to 10v, i have done a voltage divider for get 3.3v, but i have to print the mbars in the lcd with exponential notation( like 1.04e-3), i have tried with de arduino glcd(doesnt work), and i tried the tiny printf() library but it doesnt have the exponential notation. does someone knows how to print this?
  3. can i use the timer for the capacitive and the watchdog for the uart? its because i want to use the capacitive sensor as pushbutton, when i touch the sensor send a message trough uart
  4. yep its a nice experiment, but this is really hard to make in ccs, so i will try to do it with energia :grin:
  5. look at this page, the creator makes a capacitive touch sensor with a 2211 and i try it with a 2231 and it works, but im having a lot of trouble with the uart, so i want to kind of port it or make a new sketch with energia http://dbindner.freeshell.org/msp430/cw.html
  6. Hi, i was trying to use the capacitive library with the g2231 but i cant get it to work, did someone has tryed to do it? i found a blog in the internet where they cand do it with ccs so its possible to do it but someone knows if it can be done with energia?
  7. hi, i have just downloaded Energia, and i have to say it is amazing, and i downloaded this library but i cant get it to work with the msp430g2231, i just change the options in the example to the pin 1.7 and 1.4, but it only keeps the red led on, can u help me with this or upload an example for 2231?
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