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  1. SLA printers definitely have the edge on quality, but you're obviously restricted by the curable resins (which are expensive). I didn't know they did a flexible resin but it seems they do. I've got a standard FDM printer and whilst it's useful to some degree, I definitely use my CNC mill more. A mill gives you a much wider range of materials. Would one suit what you need to do better than a printer?
  2. They all claim to be the best for low power.
  3. When I checked aliexpress the CC3200 modules were $58.50 for 5. That's not too bad.
  4. Be a little wary of Avnet webinars. It seems you get heavily spammed afterwards. I'm not sure if anyone who registered for the FR5969 one ever got their dev kits. http://forum.43oh.com/topic/5790-register-to-be-eligible-for-a-free-fram-mcu-dev-kit-bundles-courtesy-of-avnet-and-ti/ Why would anyone want to use an 8-bit microcontrollers these days when 16 and even 32 bit are cheap and low power?
  5. Ah - I see. It's not do much that the pads are too small but that they are too close together. It looks like you'll have to use the upper pad and as Zeke said you'll have to carefully scratch off the solder mask and use the track as a pad for the lower. Maybe also do the same with the top pad and rotate it if that helps. It's not going to look pretty whatever you do. The other option for the lower pad would be a short wire to the through hole it connects to.
  6. Any photos? I'd have thought that if the pad and lead were both tinned then you should be able to solder it OK. Flux always helps.
  7. I was wondering if the XMS devices were just for the promo videos, etc. It seems from the photo that @@USWaterRockets posted that the initial limited edition black boards are shipping with the experimental silicon. I wonder if it will eventually drop out of support like the early FR5969 Launchpads did?
  8. Here it is. My install is CCS 6.1 if that makes any difference. stellaris_cs_icepick.xml
  9. I decided that the $14 shipping justified $80 worth of various boards I had resisted ordering recently. I'm saving money that way - really. Some of the shipment should arrive today.
  10. @@agaelema Yes - the XDS range are the debug tools for ARM. The launchpad apparently has an onboard XDS110 with Energy Trace+.
  11. If do don't already have the Tiva C Conected LaunchPad then I suggest you get one. It's the easiest way to get started playing around with the microcontroller. You should also be able to use the on-board debugger to debug and program your own custom board. I can see the JTAG connections between the debugger and microcontroller are broken out. There's normally a way to disconnect the two. (I'll check for you later how exactly to do this.) Otherwise the XDS100 or XDS200 (more expensive) are designed for the job.
  12. I decided to make the shipping seem cheaper but ordering some other boards along with it. When it got pulled out of the cart I decided not to continue with the rest.
  13. Only other info I've found in that there's a MSP432P401M with half the flash and RAM. both devices will come in 100PZ (LQFP), 80ZXH (BGA) and 64RGC (QFN) packages.
  14. That would be great - especially as it's $12.99 plus $14 shipping to the UK! Doesn't seem likely though.
  15. Did anyone else get this? Lets me get right up to the final stage. I'd put in payment info and everything.
  16. Great. Nice to see that @@zlalanne's definition of soon wasn't a marketing "coming soon".
  17. I remember finding one of the lauchpads when it accidentally appeared in the store too early. I was able to order it when perhaps I shouldn't, but it didn't get to me any sooner than anyone else.
  18. Great. There are certainly a few other sleuths in this thread who deserve one too.
  19. @@zlalanne We?? So you're on the inside, eh? ;-) I must admit I didn't notice your location. Sorry if I leaked something I shouldn't, but you know we're all hungry for info here! Anything you can share with us would be appreciated. Or if you need any beta testers...
  20. @@zlalanne I did a clean install of CCS6.1 as @@AWenzel recommended - CCS6.0 doesn't prompt you to upgrade automatically. I only noticed last night that a couple of start menu shortcuts were added along with the installation.
  21. Works fine for me both in Chrome and Tapatalk.
  22. I just notice that the CCS6.1 installation added the following link. It's for the MSP-TS432PZ100 target board. There's a full schematic, etc. but it doesn't give much more away about the MSP432 to be honest. http://www.ti.com/lit/ug/slau571/slau571.pdf There's also a broken link to CCS for MSP432 User's Guide (slau575).
  23. What USB devices does this example present? What OS are you using? If it's windows then you may need and INF file to point windows at the right drivers. No idea about Linux. Also, what board is the F5638 on? Are you using the MSP-TS430PZ100USB? If not, are you sure your hardware is OK? As @spirlis said, definitely go with really simple examples and work up from there.
  24. Posting from Tapatalk seems OK.
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