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    New guy...

    Using the 433MHz version to directly connect with a garage door opener if likely to be far trickier than working with the supplied transceiver - especially if your door opener has anything even slightly secure like rolling codes. The watch is fairly old and has been on sale with TI a few times, so you shouldn't have to pay much for one. I got a 868MHz one years ago, but then never got round to playing around with it. Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk
  2. ST do other European ones. I attended one on L0 and NFC a while ago, and there's a F7 one at the moment. http://www.st.com/web/en/seminar.html Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk
  3. This definitely looks more like an Energia issue then a Windows 10 issue to me. I've had absolutely no problems with any software under Windows 10. It may lack the final UI polish in a few places but everything else is rock solid. The only time I ever tried to use Energia I thought it was dreadful. Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk
  4. Fred

    My Latest IoT Fail

    Instructables is a good place for contests too. There's currently an Epilog laser cutter up for grabs. Not quite the same level of prizes, but a lower bar for winning. That's where I got my 3D printer. Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk
  5. Some nice results, @@terjeio. I use presensitized boards and would recommend them. One less step to get wrong. Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk
  6. I've done a few things using an Olimex MSP430 based PIR. It's pretty much TI's SLAA283B PIR reference design.
  7. If you're not sure about your circuit you could always use one of the TS430 target boards. They can be fairly expensive but you could always take a look at the design files to check it matches what you've made. If you've gone for the 40VQFN package there's the MSP-TS430RGZ48C. Not sure there's one to suit the 38TSSOP. (The MSP-TS430DA38 has the right socket but it wired for the G2955 and similar.)
  8. @@bluehash The NFC implant (in the fleshy bit between my left thumb and forefinger) is fine. It's not given me any problems. I've not got round to doing too much with it yet as I've been busy with other things. The most useful thing is to unlock my PC at work. It's just a F5299 acting as a HID device to type in my password and a TRF7970A NFC reader. Currently it's a LaunchPad and booster pack combo but a custom PCB is in progress. https://0xfred.wordpress.com/2015/01/14/nfc-login-version-1-0/
  9. No geeky tattoo for me - just a tribal one that I got about 25 years ago (before everyone was getting them). I like yours @@cubeberg but it needs a pullup resistor and a capacitor on RST. And do those vias go through to the other side?
  10. I got to play around with "Windows 10 for IoT" on the Pi 2 at Microsoft HQ (Reading, UK) yesterday. It's obviously unfinished but looks OK. Writing a C# app and deploying to the Pi (either simple UI or headless) was easy and familiar for a desktop .NET developer. I managed to swap out the F5529 in the Vader build monitor that I was demoing for a Pi in minutes - although not running much more than blinky really. The core idea is that you can write an executable that will run on everything from a Pi, mobile, desktop and up to the new Hololens or Surface Hub. You can check device capabilitie
  11. I wonder if some eBay sellers rely on the fact that people won't bother about $3. I've had a few $0.99 items not turn up (usually as part of larger order) and make a point of following it up for this reason.
  12. I'm at a Microsoft IoT event a Microsoft's UK HQ on Wednesday. Should be interesting. It's focusing on Windows 10 IoT on the Raspberry Pi 2, but it's definitely run by the Azure team and is pushing that. From other events I've been to it seems the Azure team has a lot of funding for promotion. I find it strange that they're going for Windows core for embedded work when their .NET microframework is better suited to it. It has its quirks, but is great for getting a C# coder into embedded stuff. That's what got me hooked anyway. Slightly heading off the Microsoft topic but back onto MSP
  13. What's up with the weird capitalization of the topic title? I'm sure I didn't type it that way and can't edit it.
  14. Interesting decapping of these and comparison. Whilst it's interesting that these seem to share the same die, I'm not sure that the price difference really justifies trying to reflash the cheaper one as the multi-protocol version. Plus, I wouldn't be surprised if the appropriate JTAG fuse (or whatever they use) has been blown. http://jelmertiete.com/2015/06/30/Difference-between-CC2630-and-CC2650/ via HackaDay http://hackaday.com/2015/07/09/decapping-the-cc2630-and-cc2650/
  15. The FR5969 Launchpad has the nicest FET onboard (with EnergyTrace++). If you're buying it just for that then this might be even better that the 5529. Obviously if you think you might play with any USB stuff then the 5529 has that going for it. They're all good really.
  16. I tried to find it last night and couldn't. It must have been because it was a new install and I hadn't yet connected up any FETs to the machine so I had no device to select. Looks like Bluehash has found it for you though.
  17. I'm sure I've seen a setting for this somewhere. I haven't got access to CCS right now as I'm at work to check exactly where.
  18. I've noticed that some items (e.g. target boards) are listed at full price but the discounted price appears in your basket when you click "Buy from TI". I assume this is to not annoy resellers if you go that route instead. Nevermind. It's not the case with this.
  19. I agree. Free shipping must have been unsustainable but the current international shipping makes it difficult to justify a purchase. Of you're getting nostalgic, remember the G2 launchpad used to be $4.30 including shipping!
  20. @@spirilis I never noticed the TagConnect on the Tiva Launchpad. @@zeke If it could, would it be better/cheaper than half a Launchpad?
  21. Interesting that it has tag connect. I notice that it can be used with the TM4C1294 too. Is it essentially the same ICDI that's on the TM4C Launchpad on a different form factor?
  22. Fred


    @@jpnorair It would be much cheaper here in the UK... because a full roof solar panel would be perfectly matched with a couple of AA NiCds.
  23. Fred


    Not quite eBay, but some of these home offices do come as a flat pack kit. Whilst it looks very nice, it is essentially an insulated shed. I went for a company that builds it on site for you, as I've got plenty of things to keep me busy sorting out the inside. I'll post some photos in the "show off your workspace" thread once it's done. It's about 10 times my previous space but I'm sure I'll fill it!
  24. Fred


    Not yet - but it will. I've got some thumb turn cylinder locks on the rest of the house too. Perfect for attaching a servo or stepper motor to the back. It will also have Tiva Connected launchpad network controlled lighting. It'll be months before I sort all that though.
  25. Fred


    I'm not sure if this quite counts as "mailbag" as it's a bit big, but this was delivered recently. A nice new workshop for the end of the garden that I'm currently busy kitting out with workbenches, power, ethernet, etc. It obviously also required the purchase of some more power tools to do the job.
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