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  1. Sounds interesting so I ordered one. Obviously a couple of $4.32 MSP432s that I don't really need fell into my basket too.
  2. I suppose only time will tell. Either we'll see more MSP432s coming this year to gradually replace the Tiva line, or we'll see more Tivas being announced. Continuing with both lines long term would seem like an odd idea. I was tempted to grab a couple of the $4.32 deals, but resisted. I've got one from the original release and still not got round to using it. Whether there's more MSP432s on the way or not I can probably manage without another of these. Personally, I'd like to see something like a MSP432 Connected LaunchPad.
  3. Too shy to tell us yourself, @@bluehash? Well, I'll have to do it then! It looks like 43oh has won TI's Community Highlight Award. Definitely well deserved. This place has always been a great source of help and inspiration. Probably the reason why I use TI stuff rather than anyone else's. Well done.
  4. I was doing a bit of digging on the MSP432 as it's been out a while now. Apparently it should be out of XMS (i.e. beta) status some time in Q2 2016. Not seen anything about any more MSP432 devices on the pipeline.
  5. I was thinking of the first one. Maybe fix the case to a square wooden block and clamp that to the table so the case is held securely in an upright position. Obviously this friends on your mill - particularly the Z height. The second option doesn't look too bad either. Of course there is the old school way of doing it by hand with a file. If you're only making 5 that might be worth considering. A shame not to make full use of your toys though!
  6. How about the CC3200? http://www.ti.com/tool/cc3200-launchxl
  7. The recent deal on the MSP432 Launchpad had got me thinking. It's been out a while now. There's still only the two devices - differing only by memory size. The silicon is still listed as XMS - i.e. experimental. I'd have expected more to have happened with the MSP432 concept by now. Is the sale because the final production devices will be shipping and they want to clear out the beta stock? Are more devices / boards coming? Or is it all fizzling out?
  8. An interesting project. I must admit I assumed from the title that you'd be using a Beaglebone. Why would the curved surface cause such a problem with milling? The USB cutout is parallel to a flat surface so should be OK to cut. Just ignore the curve. The edge of the connector would protrude a bit though. How would you be doing it?
  9. Thanks. I saw that mentioned somewhere else recently and mean to check it out. I'll watch your video later when I'm at home.
  10. I quite like changing the keyword colour in Visual Studio to the background colour. Start typing and words then mysteriously vanish. Not too hard to work out what's going on, but still fun.
  11. @@terjeio Glad you got it working. My setup is just on/off, so I needed to turn the current to minimum and the speed to maximum. Perhaps if we've got any more discussion on lasers and stencils we could start another thread rather than taking this one further off topic.
  12. The masking tape sorts out the melted edges on the mylar. I've not tried kapton myself, but I believe it should cut well. The slightly misshaped holes are entirely down to the fact that I'm cutting small rectangles at very high speed. Asking the head to turn a fast sharp 90 degree corner means there's some overshoot and vibration. You'd never really notice if the shape wasn't so small. Raster engraving might solve this completely. I've not looked into this as it's certainly good enough for my current needs. LQFP and QFN worked fine last night, despite using crusty old paste that I thin
  13. I use 75 micron Mylar with masking tape on both sides, cut at 2000mm/min 5mA. 0805 pads are fine. I just used one long pad each side for LQFP and QFN as the soldermask should sort that out when reflowed. 0402 might not work well when vector cut. I'll try to write the process up if I can. Obviously not close to a metal stencil, but I was home etching boards so made sense. Fun to try if nothing else.
  14. You can cut Mylar solder paste stencils with the laser by the way. I converted my laser to run from Mach3 so only really does vector cutting. With the rapid head movement and tiny pads I end up with fairly misshapen rectangles but it works well enough. Raster engraving might work better.
  15. Nice. A great to see you getting on well with the laser too. I think you need the laser badge on your profile. (I see it's now been added)
  16. A nice project. Good to see PotM back, despite the lack of entries. Personally, I've been busy on other stuff but just started doing some MSP430 stuff again.
  17. Thanks. That might improve the MSP430F5510 board I'm currently working on. I've got a pull up and it can sometimes be a little finicky to program. It definitely didn't work when I had a 100nF cap by mistake!
  18. Do you have a 47k pullup resistor on the RST line? You will need this, and probably a 1nF capacitor to ground.
  19. There have been deals on CCS on the past. I got mine ages ago for something like $25 with a Piccolo control stick. Still works for 6.1 too. If anyone from TI is listening, a few licences for bluehash to give away as prizes would be a great idea.
  20. The link that @@yyrkoon posted says $239 Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk
  21. I find that MSPFlasher is the best way to sort out updating the FET on a launchpad. My weird update experience was when I had both version 5 and 6 of CCS installed once.
  22. Awesome work. It's my son's 4th birthday coming up and I know he'd love something similar (but based on Dusty Crophopper). I should take inspiration from yours and bump it up the ever-growing project list.
  23. Got an email today about a new LaunchPad supporting hardware cryptography - mainly aimed at supporting HTTPS for your IoT projects. Promo pricing $16.99, normally $24.99. http://www.ti.com/tool/ek-tm4c129exl
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