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  1. Do you know if you had to register for and attend the webinar to use the promo code? I'm considering getting a Picollo stick just for the full CCS. I don't need it for anything I'm doing right now (still a noob), but might get a metawatch or ez430-RF2560 Bluetooth board and I assume full CCS is required for those.
  2. It seems it's already there - F2806x Piccolo controlSTICK http://tideals.com/ti-deal-week-sept-27-%E2%80%93-oct-11th/ Is that the same one that you could get along with a free full version of CCS via another code?
  3. Mine's been sitting in the box in dreary overcast Surrey (UK), so not a chance!
  4. What is it about large companies and shipping? My SEH kit arrived today but the extra RF2500T board is being shipped separately. That's not a problem for me, but it surely can't be cost effective or environmentally friendly to send that tiny board on its own (no doubt packed in a box which is securely padded and packed inside another box). Why not just tuck it inside the SEH tool box?
  5. I saw the deal when the page appeared early and decided not to bother. However, the extra target board just swung it and I ordered one. (I'm not sure the extra board was there early, or if it was I missed it.) I've still not done anything with the Chronos yet - other than wear it to tell the time. It's actually a nicer watch that I expected.
  6. Free international shipping! Ordered one too, even though it seems like one of those things that you play with, write a "proof of concept" app and then never use again.
  7. I just bought one. Not had a chance to use it yet. I've got a 0.05" header strip so I can hopefully use my ez430-f2013 USB stick to program it. This will be my first MSP430 project so it'll stay really simple. I'm planning to add a 9v battery, LED downlighter and an LDR. When I stagger to the bathroom in the middle of the night I want enough light to see where I'm pissing but not enough to blind me. My pregnant wife is getting up really often at the moment, so maybe it'll get approval from the other half too. (Unlikely, going by my other projects!)
  8. Thanks. That would explain it. It did seem odd though. Happy to get my first bit of code running last night. Just some LED blinking, but proved the dev tools were set up properly.
  9. Hello from Fred in the UK. My background is C# development, so I recently got into playing with the Netduino. Just got one of the EZ430-F2013 USB sticks so looking to have some fun in C too. By the way, I joined yesterday but my details seemed to vanish so created the same account again today.
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