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  1. I grabbed a code yesterday. I was intending to get a Fraunchpad but have no immediate plans for it at the moment, so if anyone really wants it and has missed out then let me know. Also, can the codes be used more than once? Or failing that to purchase more than one device (in a single transaction)?
  2. I somehow quite enjoyed entering the captcha. It helps if you know that you're helping to digitize a book one word at a time.
  3. Congratulations. I've probably entered about 100 captchas today and will probably leave it now.
  4. Fred

    TI Android app

    Refuses to install on Galaxy Nexus (Ice Cream Sandwich) too.
  5. I got some 50-pin lengths of 0.05" header on eBay (UK) for a reasonable price. I was doing it the other way round - using my EZ430 USB stick to program a board that had a 0.1" connector.
  6. For the the arrow I needed a compass so used a HM6352. Then I geared a servo to rotate a bit more than 360 degrees. It didn't do continuous rotation, so if you turn a full circle the arrow did a quick flip back round again. I agree with you on the time pressures. I had a bug on one task where the compass bit went crazy, but had no time to fix it. As the challenge was Viking/Dragon themed, I blamed it on "dragon magic trying to trick him". If only I could explain bugs as easily at work!
  7. Nice. I did something similar a while ago based around a Netduino Mini. (I'm a C# coder, so that's what got me into microcontrollers.) Some of my targets used an arrow to point in the right direction, some gave distance, some just text clues, etc. It kept my 8 year old nephew entertained for an hour or so on his birthday. Project write-up here if anyone's interested.
  8. Fred

    Pee-Light project

    Wow! I made it to hackaday. I wonder if it was the sheer genius of the project? The complexity? The flawless build quality? Or maybe just simple toilet humour.
  9. It sounds like they may be collectors' items. People may pay double to have unsoldered headers! To add my voice to the debate, I don't have any problem with TI standardising on headers and presoldering them. Those just starting out may be happy with a breadboard and jumpers but scared of soldering. If you know what you're doing then desoldering or having the IC on a breadboard and using the LP just for programming works OK.
  10. I was thinking of GeekDoc in this thread - viewtopic.php?f=9&t=82&p=502&hilit=chronos#p502
  11. Well, here it is. My Pee-Light. I'm helping get the entries up to 10 if nothing else. I've still got to do the (simple) schematics to add to my post, but I'll probably leave out a video of the project in action.
  12. Fred

    Pee-Light project

    Version 2.0 might have an LED strip under the rim. ;-)
  13. Well, my first project is nothing spectacular. I call it the Pee-Light. When I walk into my bathroom in the middle of the night, an LED light in the ceiling gives me just enough light to see what I'm doing and not pee on the toilet seat. It's not enough to blind me when it comes on and I still have my night vision when I'm stumbling back to bed. On the negative side It probably lies somewhere between a project and "using a commercial product as intended". 90% of the hardware and maybe 75% of the software is an Olimex MSP430-PIR which itself was based on a reference design from TI. On
  14. Whilst we're waiting, http://tiedeals.com apparently has 45%-75% off first quality brand name silk neckwear. I must type more carefully.
  15. If that comment is for me... I've got the book and have made a lot of progress since that post. Panties are far less bunched now!
  16. Well, it's time for another deal. The last 4 have been: repeat (Chronos), nothing, nothing, repeat (this one). Let's hope that there's something good coming...
  17. I'm very impressed with TI customer service and their samples program. I ordered a few samples to play around with hardware UART and capacitive touch a couple of weeks ago. On top of being free and shipped quickly, I had a call yesterday to see how I was getting on with them. I've been too busy with a new baby to do anything yet, so he pointed me to their E2E forums for when I get started. Great service. Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using Tapatalk
  18. Someone on here had one with a broken display. Maybe they'll do you a deal.
  19. Not yet. I just noticed the download was available.
  20. Final release of 5.1 now available for download.
  21. I just got an email saying that my valid CCS 4 licence will be upgraded to CCS 5.1 when it's available. I don't know what GA stands for but CCS 5.1.0 GA is due on 7th November.
  22. I remember promising to submit my very basic first project, so I will when I get a chance.
  23. I'm not using adblock. The ads are there - I meant just didn't notice them because they aren't annoying.
  24. I never even noticed there were ads. If they're not too obtrusive (or relevant) nobody minds at all.
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