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  1. I didn't mean it's UK only - just that it's not US only like the free discovery boards direct from ST.
  2. Thanks. Seems to be open to the UK - where we can't get the free board straight from ST.
  3. If we're including other microcontrollers I wouldn't want to try setting up a photo. I can think of 6 Netduino (various flavours), 8 MSP430 and 3 STM boards I have lying around off the top of my head. I'd guess that bluehash has a fair few too.
  4. That's a nice offer, but I'm sure I'll get one soon enough. They're nicely priced over here (but a pity there's no freebies) and I'm not in a great hurry. I have a few MSP430 boards from the TIDeals that I haven't got round to using yet, so I'm trying to only buy things when I need them rather than collecting stuff because I think I might!
  5. I've got the F4 (and the STM8) kits. I will get one of the F0 boards. My local supplier has a £20 minimum order so I'll wait and go for it when I'm after something else.
  6. I'm posting this from my Galaxy Nexus (Android ICS) using Tapatalk, so if it appears then it's working fine.
  7. Great. I use Tapatalk for other forums (including 43oh) so will add this one. The mobile site is perfectly usable though.
  8. Indeed it does. Looks nice on Android.
  9. I'd definitely be keen on a ARM forum like this one too. I started out on microcontrollers with the Netduino/Microframework before the MSP430. The latest Netduino Go is based on the STM32F3 (Cortex M3) and peripheral boards are going STM32F0 (Cortex M0) or STM8. I know there are quite a few people over in the Netduino world that are just making the jump to coding for the STM32 and would also find a decent ARM forum invaluable. Whilst the Netduino forum is good, it's still very .NET Microframework focused as that's the core product.
  10. Fred

    Pee-Light project

    I've updated this by replacing the nasty stripboard with a home-milled PCB. No other significant changes though.
  11. I was just wondering the same thing myself as I was thinking of getting a STM32F4 discovery board to play with. It like a nice board and I hear they were given away in the US for a while but there seems to be surprisingly little beginners info about. The forum that bluehash posted above looks reasonably active though.
  12. I almost posted as a joke "It'll probably just be the Chronos again". If they really can't do any better than this they should just give up on tideals.
  13. Fred


    It seems TI have just produced an audio / capacitive touch booster pack. On special at $30 for a while, then up to $35. Ideal if you want to make your own iPod I suppose.
  14. Fred

    Serial EEPROM

    Very useful - thanks. I've got some similar EEPROMs that I've not used yet. I didn't realise they were SOIC when I ordered them and have only just got into using SMD components. I've got about 10 of them so I'm happy to echo erc's offer for anyone in the UK. PM me and I'll pop one in the post for you free of charge.
  15. You must go to bed early! No problems here in the UK. I find the annoying this is that they mostly seem to repeat an old deal. Maybe the next one will be a pre-release Wolverine dev kit? (Not likely. My guess is it'll be the Chronos yet again.)
  16. I'll been interested to see what you come up with. I've got a CNC converted milling machine that's currently being controlled via the standard route of a PC with a parallel port running Mach3 - a solution that's definitely stuck in the 90s. I'd be keen to ditch the PC and use the MSP430 for control. I'd ideally want to be interpreting the gcode from an SD card. It may not happen in a hurry though.
  17. Shipping always seems to bump up the cost significantly if you're not US based. I've never actually ordered any boards but currently having fun getting started on some home PCB milling. Some good (and not so good) results with a tiny board that a friend needs for a SOIC-8 hall effect sensor. I'll be sure to post something once I've milled my first MSP430-based circuit! The real plus is the fast turnaround time a low cost for one-offs. I can imagine I'd mill v0.1, 0.2 and 0.3 and then send off for a professionally made v1.0.
  18. Just noticed your other post saying the xPort is $30, so I guess at $35 the RN-XV doesn't fit the bill either. A good price if you did need WiFi though.
  19. I know you aked about ethernet rather than WiFi, but I'm amazed at the cost of the Roving Networks RN-XV module - 25GBP or 35USD. I've not tried it myself but according to a friend of mine it's very easy to use via UART.
  20. I gave my 3 month old a Fraunchpad the other day and he tried to eat it. He'll get there, but maybe it's a bit soon...
  21. Hackaday have something on changing the firmware on these modules. Might be useful.
  22. I'm very happy with my Scanalogic 2 logic analyser. Cheaper than the Saleae, so you have more in your 'scope fund.
  23. I just got a 1.5 too. I also ordered a Capacitive Touch Booster which needs the male headers on the LP. I can see why they standardized on headers. It makes booster packs easier.
  24. I'd be keen to hear how you got on. I also bought the 433MHz version of the Chronos. I wish I'd gone for one of the higher frequency models.
  25. I was going to donate my code to someone who really wanted one, but it looks like there might enough to go round. If anyone's stuck then PM me otherwise I'll use it myself in a few hours.
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