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  1. I think that the Levitator is the most interesting, the stepper driver would be much better (and more useful) if it could drive a couple more steppers and the quadcopter would be the the most popular if they went on sale.
  2. Fred

    @ Bug

    I posted that on my phone from Tapatalk. I started typing and realised I couldn't see the replies above and grabbed a nearby tablet to view the post. I suppose having 2 devices viewing the same thread is a bit unusual. I don't remember doing any odd editing though.
  3. @@Tribes @@DanAndDusty Just drop me a PM with your address and an assurance you'll purchase it from the store once Bluehash has them up there and I'll get them in the post direct to you. Note that I've only got the acrylic not a breadboard. I don't know if they'll be bundled together in the store. @@cde If there proves to be a demand for these then I can look at doing different colours or any custom / updated designs. @@cubeberg I'm using 3mm acrylic for the board but 5mm for the corner pieces as 3mm only just reached the MSP430 LaunchPad with the rubber feet on. I have enough scrap pieces l
  4. Mine's one I created for a kitesurfing forum but now tend to use everywhere. It started as a "South Park yourself" image and I photoshopped in the kiteboard and lines. I did have a version that included a narrow escape from a shark, but can't find that one any more. (That wasn't Photoshop of course, that was for real. ;-) )
  5. Well it took me a while and a bit of experimenting, but here's the final result in clear and black acrylic. I shuffled the Launchpad logo around so it wouldn't be covered by the corner pieces and added the 43oh.com logo by @@JWoodrell. The quality on the raster engraving is a little inconsistent on the narrower 43oh.com logo but it's the best I can manage at the moment on my cheap laser. Photographing the black one was tricky as it's very glossy. It was like photographing a mirror. The corner pieces glue on very nicely with superglue so I think it'll be easiest if people stick the co
  6. Yes - I've got one. Never free on the UK though. The toolchain was a pain to set up.
  7. I thought I'd add a progress update. I realised that this plate would work fine for the Stellaris too, so added a couple of rectangles for anyone who wants to put the corners there for their Stellaris instead. I'm having no problems with the vector engraving or cutting, but I'm struggling to get consistent quality for raster engraving (for the 43oh.com logo and the Launchpad rocket). Just when I think I've got it, I try again and get different results. I'll get it nailed, but that's preventing me from completing them at the moment. They don't look quite as back as the out of focus pho
  8. Brilliant, thanks. Your reward will be that in a couple of days you may get to see your work immortalised in a photo of a piece of plastic.
  9. @@JWoodrell I've got the Launchpad rocket already (thanks to ILAMtitan). I meant your latest 43oh.com logo - i.e. 43OH_CIRCUIT_LOGO_LONG. Sorry for the confusion.
  10. @@JWoodrell - If you could that would be great. Thanks. My engraving software works from a bitmap (the larger the better). I've got Photoshop Elements so a PSD would be perfect.
  11. and JWoodrell has sent me a nice hi-res image of it. Thanks. I was messing about with Adobe Illustrator last night to use the nice vector version of Launchpad rocket, so might try the grab and vectorize the longer 43oh.com version too and see if that looks better on the protoplate.
  12. @@ILAMtitan I haven't actually glued the corner pieces down for the photos as I'm still experimenting. I've got some acrylic glue though. @@LariSan I've not had it long but have found it useful - especially when trying stuff out that doesn't work perfectly first time. A bit like etching/milling your own PCBs - the quick turnaround time makes it less hassle to screw up. They're not exactly cheap but not that expensive either if you start with an 40W eBay one and get it up to spec yourself. I'll get onto the raster engraving this evening after work. The engraving quality from Ponoko is e
  13. ILAMtitan - Thanks. The vectors are just a few squares, so it was just as easy to measure and redo. I was going to attempt to trace and vector cut the rocket but don't think I'd do a great job. I know there's a raster engraving plug-in for Mach3 so it's probably a good time to play with that. The 4 corner pieces should work. I just need to ensure the USB connector isn't obscured. Maybe 3 L shaped pieces and one straight. Or one end piece. 3mm was only just enough for the corner pieces so I used 5mm for that instead. The engraved text is actually better that it looks as that's a
  14. Will do. I need to work in CamBam to output g-code for Mach3, so I'll manually convert it. Just trying to trace the outline of the rocket now. I may try a 43oh logo on there too if that's OK. Perhaps some corner pieces glued on top so that the board stays in place will be a simple solution for a less permanent mount. 4 plates fit fairly neatly on A4 which is handy. I'm happy to cover the cost of the acrylic.
  15. I recently got a laser, so if you're not already commited to the Ponoko route I'd be happy to cut a few plates and send them to Bluehash for the store. I've got a lot out of this site so would appreciate the chance to give something back. On the plus side: They'll be completely free. I can quickly try out different designs, colours or ideas. On the minus side: My maximum cutting area is A4 (297 x 210mm) so might have to adjust the size to fit. I can vector engrave but I'm using Mach3 and I've not sorted out raster engraving yet
  16. Well that's a big fat "meh" from me. It seems like one of those products you either need or you don't. Hardly one that you'd go for if it was a bargain.
  17. I got the email too - which hints as something RF. TIDeals started off great but rapidly got sucky. I hope there is something worthwhile this time.
  18. I don't run WIndows 8 myself but I think the problem may be down to the fact that the ST-Link drivers are unsigned and WIndows 8 is by default very fussy about that. This should help: http://www.trickday.com/2012/09/how-to-install-unsigned-drivers-in-windows-8/
  19. Fred

    Thank you ARM!

    Recently bought a cheap Chinese eBay special laser cutter.
  20. Last April I started playing around with some ARM stuff - initially STM32 and then the Stellaris. The processors seemed pretty good and despite not being much of a gambler or a share trader I took a punt on some ARM shares. Anyway, I just sold them today for a 71% profit. I made about £600 ($900). Thank you ARM!
  21. The Launchpad and ez430 are essentially the same thing in different sizes. Same with the F2012IN and F2012IPW. Considering the low cost and the fact that I guess your company will be paying for it then ordering both sounds like a good idea. Anything you learn and any code you write will easily transfer between the two. Were are you? I'm in the UK and could send you an EZ430 if you need it in a hurry. (I haven't got any F2012 target boards, just the very similar F2013 it comes with.)
  22. That small connector does sound like the one on the EZ430. This is a small USB stick which does more or less the same thing as the Launchpad. It comes with a tiny F2013IPW detachable target board and you can buy extra F2012IPW target boards for it. I suspect the original board designer used this as their starting point. EZ430 programmer and F2013 board https://estore.ti.com/EZ430-F2013-MSP430-USB-Stick-Development-Tool-P800.aspx Extra F2012 target boards https://estore.ti.com/EZ430-T2012-MSP430-USB-Stick-F2012-Board-P955.aspx If you need to make up a connector it's just a fairly
  23. It might be tricky programming the F2012 in place on the PCB. If you've got a link to the device that'd make it easier to help you. (If it's a custom board that you're designing it should be easy to make it so you can program it in place.) The MSP430 launchpad is definitely up to the job of programming and debugging a F2012 and is much cheaper than any JTAG option, If you're playing around you can get a F2012IN DIP version that will fit on the Launchpad too.
  24. Pretty good. I particularly like the first one where I believe you modify the pointer that's passed in, potentially causing unexpected behaviour in code that follows. I've no idea if any of those would work or have serious bugs, so I'd call that a success!
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