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  1. I had no idea the STM32F429IDISCOVERY existed, despite having most of the other STM discovery boards. That was a great filler to bump an order up to £20 for free shipping. Thanks @@igor.
  2. I'm all for donations to support the site. I get a lot out of it and would be happy to contribute. However, I don't really need anything from the store and I know that international shipping makes it more hassle for Bluehash than it's worth.
  3. No. USB serial port to PC. It's actually to monitor our continuous integration server at work for broken builds. I deliberately left an open web page so anyone in the office could control it from a browser - e.g. http://fredpc/vader/colour/purple or position/9 etc.
  4. I'm on it. I'll document it properly over the nest few days, but if you just want a peek at the finished item it's here: Hope it's Halloweeny enough.
  5. Fred

    Water Pump

    How about a windscreen washer pump from a car? Cheap, 12v and should be up to the job.
  6. I haven't looked in detail, but the F5529 has pin mapping which might allow you to get to some of the functionality you're after. Worth a look.
  7. Both boards are cheap and easy to get started with. It may be time well spent getting both and taking a day or two seeing which you prefer. I've got a few STM discovery boards. They're nice but I keep finding I drift back to the MSP430.
  8. There's nothing I need, just thought the competition sounded fun.
  9. I've just finished something that's kinda Halloweeny, so I'm in.
  10. I put most of the things you might want to adjust in variables - all in millimetres. Thickness is probably what you want. I didn't allow for different thickness for the base and sides, but you can probably work it out. The easiest way to see what's going on with OpenSCAD is to comment out some of the components to see what's left when rendered.
  11. You can disable driver signing in Windows 8 (and 8.1) but it's deliberately not that obvious, requires a reboot and resets once you reboot again. clicky
  12. It's worth updating. I've got a subscription to MSDN through work, so have been running it for a while.
  13. You can. That's what the "adjustable" bit is all about. Add whatever space you need to the variables extraAbove, extraBelow, etc. and the generated STL file is enlarged to make room for other components.
  14. Hmmm... I'm not sure I'm impressed by MSP430ware. :-( Whilst the mistake is probably mine if I look hard enough, this equivalent code works just fine. /* * Uses Timer A0 for 3PWM output * Chosen as these are accessible on LaunchPad * TA0.2 on P1.3 * TA0.3 on P1.4 * TA0.4 on P1.5 */ void initRgbLed(void) { P1DIR |= BIT3+BIT4+BIT5; // P1.3, P1.4 and P1.5 output P1SEL |= BIT3+BIT4+BIT5; // P1.3, P1.4 and P1.5 options select TA0CCR0 = 0xFE; // PWM Period TA0CCTL2 = OUTMOD_7; // CCR2 reset/se
  15. I really need to get more familiar with traditional CAD tools. OpenSCAD is a nice complement to these and ideal for generating things dynamically. This project was ideal for it - I had an app that was dynamically creating OpenSCAD script that could then render the object I wanted. By the way, it turns out the clips on this enclosure are a little fragile for repeated openings. The benefit of OpenSCAD is that increasing the clipThickness variable in the scad file should be all that's needed to fix the problem. I will probably update and improve at some point - an maybe add an option fo
  16. Either tracking down and fixing the problem interests you enough to go to that effort, or it doesn't. If it does, then you'll learn something about hardware defects. If not, then at least you've only written off part of a fairly cheap board.
  17. I've come across an odd problem and just can work out what's going on. I'm sure someone else might be able to spot it straight away. I've got some working code doing 3 lots of PWM (for an RGB LED) on the F5529 Launchpad. It works fine on it's own. However, when I try to combine it with some working code for a CDC serial port, it breaks. Specifically, when I call this function the serial port stops responding and the USB device is no longer recognized. I don't think Timer A0 has anything to do with USB as the example code already used it for some simple LED blinking. Any help gratefully re
  18. F5529LaunchPad case lower 43oh.stl.txtF5529LaunchPad case upper 43oh.stl.txt ... and STL files (with .txt extension that needs to be removed.)
  19. F5529LaunchPad case.scad.txt I thought I'd attached the SCAD file (as text) but will try again.
  20. I'm working on a project that should end up with a nice etched F5529 board, but for now it's going to just have a Launchpad stuck in there, I needed a quick enclosure for it so knocked up an adjustable one in OpenSCAD. I know a few people have (or are thinking about) a 3D printer so thought I'd share. It allows you to adjust the space on any side of the LaunchPad for anything else you want to include. It could do with some improvements - e.g the little locating pins are easy to snap off. Feel free to amend if the SCAD file if the available adjustments don't suit you. Here's a photo of
  21. My second board arrived today. The silkscreen has changed quite a bit - especially on the back where there are 3 rockets rather than 1. Both marked as Rev 1.4. The only other difference I can spot is the revision of the F5529 itself - up from E to H.
  22. It's not quite there yet. If you're using Windows 8.1 and have a printer that's apparently on board with it (Up Plus)... the standard software won't even install. :-(
  23. I completely agree with that one. Well - maybe a pain in the hand rather than ass. They're sharp. If you trip up whilst holding one, it leaves a nice row of holes in your palm. Remember, kids - never run with scissors or F5529 Launchpads. :thumbup:
  24. Thanks for your input. Once I discovered it was called MSP430ware there are a few other topics on here saying pretty much the same thing. I'm giving it a go as I'm using some of the USB example code that written with it. To be honest the concept of abstracting away the exact device you're using is a bit pointless unless it covers more and starts with the simpler stuff (e.g. G2 Launchpad). If you've already got used to direct register access it seems like a bit of a backwards step to use MSP430ware when progressing to more powerful devices. There's also the oddity that Grace goes takes
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