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  1. Mine is just as a real man's workplace should be - bare brickwork (with an estop to kill all the power if something goes seriously wrong and a fire extinguisher within reach).
  2. Some more info on hackaday. Interesting news about the partnership with Exosite to get IoT stuff set up quickly. http://hackaday.com/2014/03/06/ti-launches-connected-launchpad/
  3. Some more info on hackaday. Interesting news about the partnership with Exosite to get IoT stuff set up quickly. http://hackaday.com/2014/03/06/ti-launches-connected-launchpad/
  4. Continuous rotation servos can also be a cheap and easily interfaced solution (via PWM direct from the MCU's pins) if you don't require accurate speed control.
  5. I think when these are discussed in detail the problem is the relatively high resistivity of the traces. PCB printing is definitely an interesting area, but has a long way to go to be useful. Personally, I'm getting on great with etching presensitised photoresist boards and dry film soldermask. I'm now comfortable down to TSSOP and 0805. I'll be trying LQFP and QFN soon. (Just got some sample F2013s in 16QFN as a bit of a challenge. Maybe just a QFN to DIP breakout would be a good start.)
  6. Just got an email saying they're accepting preorders to ship on 6th March. My pre-preorder is still just sitting there in "Processing". link to store
  7. Some good advice by @@rockets4kids and @@jazz, but for a straight answer to your question, no you can't drive a stepper directly from a microcontroller. The easiest route would be to get a ready-made stepper driver module like the Pololu A4988. Whatever microcontroller you chose (MSP430 or Arduino) then provides the STEP and DIR signals to control the stepper.
  8. Fred


    The postman just bought me a NFC-enabled Samsung Ezon SHS 2320 lock for my workshop. I had to get it eBayed direct from Korea as you can't seem to get them in the UK. Why? Because my implantable NFC tag should be on its way soon. Not directly MSP430-related, but expect to see more NFC projects from me once I'm chipped. My wife wasn't impressed and thinks it's creepy. I did think about making my own. I'm OK with the NFC bit but a decent motorised lock is hard to come by. Plus, if my wife can't get in because of a by a bug in my code I'd be in trouble!
  9. I wish I could, but I've just not got the time at the moment. All I've managed to do so far was power it from USB and look at the pre-installed sample code.
  10. Just powered it up. What's I wasn't expecting (but can be seen in the photos @@KwaiChang uploaded) is that the screen isn't black/white, it's mirrored/white. Odd but quite nice.
  11. Just notice the note that comes with it: MSP-EXP430FR5969 is based on Experimental Silicon The MSP430FR5969IRGZ device used in this version of the MSP430FR5969 is a prototype device and has not met or completed Texas Instruments internal reliability qualification requirements. Was it the same for the Stellaris before it became Tiva?
  12. Mine just arrived. Unfortunately I won't get a chance to play with it as I'm away this weekend.
  13. Well mine has now shipped. (The Tiva Connected LaunchPad I also ordered is still pending as expected.)
  14. Ah - got it! I found this page and then clicked "add to wish list" which then showed it was available for back order and had "add to cart". https://estore.ti.com/tiva-connected-launchpad.aspx
  15. Well, I just searched for ek-tm4c129xl earlier and was able to preorder one but I now can't find it on the store. Maybe it wasn't supposed to show up. I still have the order "processing" but maybe it'll be cancelled or just stay that way until they're relisted.
  16. After noticing that the Tiva C Connected LaunchPad was available for pre-order I had a quick look at the Wolverine LaunchPad... and that was showing as "in stock" . Obviously I immediately ordered one (with memory LCD booster of course). I'll let you know if it updates to shipped.
  17. I just checked TI's site and I managed to pre-order one. I hope that means they're almost here.
  18. I just managed to pre-order one, so they must be coming soon.
  19. A first glance and they look much like the current STM32Fx discovery boards with added Arduino-style wonky headers, breakaway debugger and a rather questionable choice of white soldermask with blue silkscreen.
  20. Now that I've seen the video, it seems there's loads of info in there!There's also a 6-part video tutorial on using the new LP:
  21. I can't see that YouTube video as I'm at work, but found these links on TI's site for the LP on its own (price?) and also bundled with LCD ($29): http://www.ti.com/tool/msp-exp430fr5969 http://www.ti.com/tool/msp-bndl-fr5969lcd Nice price for the bundle, but it seems you can't pre-order it yet. Some nice info if you follow the document links - e.g. about the on-board supercap. http://www.ti.com/lit/ug/slau535/slau535.pdf (LP) http://www.ti.com/lit/ug/slau553/slau553.pdf (LCD booster)
  22. Thanks for the info, guys. I can see some good points, but the lack of breakpoints and being able to step through code is a deal-breaker for me.
  23. So far I've not taken much interest in Energia but I wanted to check in case I'm missing something. What I'm wondering is if there's any benefit looking at Energia if I'm already familiar with CCS? I can see that Energia is great for getting on board with the MSP430 if you're used to the Arduino, but I've never used Arduino and have no plans to. As far as I'm aware Energia, like Arduino, doesn't have the ability to use SBW/JTAG to set a breakpoint so you can step through and inspect running code and variables. That to me is enough of a downside that I'll stick to CCS. I know that you
  24. Congratulations to everyone who entered. A lot of nice projects there. It was difficult picking only one to vote for. For anyone considering the laser cut prize, I can basically manage wood or acrylic up to about 300 x 200mm x 6mm thick (12 x 8 x 0.5"), so ideal for project cases and such. Cutting or vector engraving works well, raster engraving less so. Alternatively if something 3D printed, CNC milled (on a very small mill - only about 120 x 80 x 50mm) or made on a manual lathe suits you better then that's fine. Yes - I've been a bit naughty collecting toys recently. No expiry da
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